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Spring 2012 Designer Collections

Erika Ostroff |
October 18, 2011 | 8:52 p.m. PDT

Student Reporter

Diane Von Furstenberg

You can without a doubt mix business and pleasure with Diane Von Furstenberg’s Spring 2012 collection. The apparel is not restricted to certain colors, cuts and prints. Crisp white numbers, feminine floral patterns and tailored, sophisticated boyish yet refined blazers and shorts all graced the 2012 runway. Part of Von Furstenberg’s collection is delicate and feminine. The mix of pastel mints, purples and pinks with airy laces and linens is ideal for high tea with the ladies. But bursts of bright colored silk and floral prints add to the season’s blooming aura and are perfect for a playful “spring fling.” Vibrant blood-orange, emerald green and fire engine red are few amongst many hues that spruce up geisha-like kimonos and full-body jumpsuits. There is something for everyone in the DVF Spring 2012 collection.  

More photos found at dvf.com

Kimberly Ovitz

The saying “less is more” holds true for Kimberly Ovitz’s Spring 2012 collection. Ovitz was inspired by the earthquake that shook Japan in March. Her pieces are minimal in their design, but tasteful nonetheless. Only four hues make-up the collection – white, black, red and sherbet orange. Gold accent pieces are few and far between. The clothes combine comfort, utility, and plain grace. Draped dresses, loose bottoms and asymmetrical cuts illustrate Ovitz’s ethereal, earthy influence. Staple pieces are common throughout the collection and are best for layering or mixing and matching. The purely basic colors and absence of busy patterns and embellishments is a breathe of fresh air for spring fashion. 

More photos found at kimberlyovitz.com 

Monique Lhuillier 

Monique Lhuillier captured the art of fashion in her Spring 2012 collection – literally. Her color blocking and use of primary colors (red, yellow and blue) resemble Ellsworth Kelley’s abstract art. Like his “Red Green Blue” Lhuillier’s dresses display the simplicity of form and the juxtaposition of bold colors. The dresses mesh three key elements: shape, form and color. The pieces are tailored to tightly show off the body – with corset-like bodices, pencil-cut bottoms and mermaid-shaped gowns. While many of the pieces use solid colors, other pieces are comparable to Jackson Pollack’s splatter-painted masterpieces. Elegant ball-gowns take an edgy approach with unexpected multi-colored dashed patterns. 

More photos found at moniquehuillier.com

See her runway show on video below. 

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