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South Bay Food Fest: First Year Success

Anita Dukart |
October 15, 2011 | 8:03 p.m. PDT

Contributing Writer

Food trucks lined up at the South Bay Food Fest. (Anita Dukart)
Food trucks lined up at the South Bay Food Fest. (Anita Dukart)

Guests could taste the world at the South Bay Food Fest at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA on Saturday.

Over 30 food trucks were lined up at the festival, giving people the option to eat everything from sushi-burrito fusion to seafood, or grilled cheese sandwiches.

Admission was $10 for guests who purchased their tickets online ahead of time, and many food trucks offered inexpensive ways of tasting their food. Smaller entrées made it possible to try the food at a variety of different trucks without breaking the budget, or filling up too fast. Guests who purchased VIP tickets ($40) had access to the VIP lounge, where free samples were delivered each hour from various food trucks.

The first sample, from “Ludo Fried Chicken,” was made up of juicy chicken strips with a honey mustard sauce. The flavor of the sauce was complimentary, but not overwhelming, allowing the taste of the breast meat to take center stage.

"Ken’s Ice Cream Parlor" stopped by with samples soon after. The strawberry sundae was simple and traditional: vanilla ice cream, strawberry compote, whipped cream, chopped nuts and a maraschino cherry. 

Owner Wanda Johnson Pope said, “We’ve been doing this for 31 years… I just like being able to interact with people.”

The ice cream was both flavorful and refreshing, showing that years of experience have paid off.

The “Auntie’s Fry Bread” truck was tucked in the back corner of the lot, but managed to keep a steady line of customers.

“We’ve had a busy summer. I just like getting to travel around and share our food with as many people as possible,” said owner Eric Evans.

Their chili fry bread sliders were light and flavorful, almost like the inside of a taco on top of a savory elephant ear.

Back in the VIP Lounge, “The Lime Truck” came through with samples of sweet couscous hydrated in orange juice, and raw Ahi Tuna garnished with pickled vegetables. Both tasted of fresh ingredients and unusually complex flavors. The couscous, however, was overpowered by the flavor of the orange, despite the creative recipe.

"Coolhaus", an ice cream truck famous for their ice cream sandwiches, was the standout.

Though the flavors of cookies (s’mores, ginger molasses) and ice cream choices (Earl Grey, red velvet cake batter) seemed intimidating to pair, s’mores and brown butter with candied bacon was a winning combination.

The bacon prevented the ice cream from being overly sweet, which, paired with the chocolaty s’mores, was truly delicious.  Brown butter with candied bacon ice cream is, rightfully, one of the flavors that made them famous.

Coolhaus managed to do exactly what they promise. As their co-founders write on their website, “We may be slingin’ sammies from a pimped out truck, but we’re all about satisfying your sweet AND savory tooth, one ice cream sandwich at a time.”

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