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“Real Housewives Of New Jersey” Reunion Part Two Recap: “You’re So Evil”

Denise Gonzalez |
October 26, 2011 | 11:24 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Caroline blames Teresa for her falling out with Dina (BravoTV.com)
Caroline blames Teresa for her falling out with Dina (BravoTV.com)

The Housewives were back at it at Red Bank’s Basie Theatre in New Jersey for the conclusion of the two-part reunion. This time there were more accusations and more family drama.

Host Andy Cohen shifted the beginning of the reunion away from the Teresa hour and moved onto something more ‘fun’: how sex is done in Jersey.

Everybody agreed that Joe Gorga has the highest sex drive, which made a fan question if Melissa minds that her husband enjoys wearing women’s clothing. Melissa said “he’s just fun” and Teresa brings up how she has pictures of a young Joe wearing girl’s clothing and that he has always enjoyed dressing up like a girl. Teresa tries to defend his behavior and said “he never wore my clothes or anything like that”.

Melissa finally addressed the lesbian rumors that have surrounded her since she joined the show. She made it clear that her and Joe do not have an open relationship and explained where the lesbian rumors originated. She had a lesbian friend in high school, who decided to write an article when Melissa joined the show, where she claimed that they dated. She clarified that neither the article nor the claims were true.

Teresa was asked about the rumors surrounding her husband, Joe Giudice. She made it clear that they were all false, that he has never had affairs or any love children. She dropped Jacqueline’s name, when she slightly pointed the finger and said that those rumors were started by someone who used to be close to her.

Andy moves on to more pressing issues. He points out the legal matters that Caroline and her family were going through earlier this year (her husband was fired by the governor). Caroline said it was all a misunderstanding and explained that it was due to an implication that someone was living in an apartment above the Brownstone.

Caroline’s relationship with her sister and former housewife Dina Manzo is brought up. Caroline explains that she and Dina are not on speaking terms but that she loves her sister. She blames Teresa for the falling out saying that Dina has “a good friend, who likes to talk”. Teresa of course, denies all of these claims but the other housewives back-up Caroline’s claims.

Teresa begins to get defensive the moment that Caroline says that there is proof to her claims. Teresa does not do herself any favors by being defensive and vicious in the way she uses Dina against Caroline. Caroline tells Teresa that she is drinking the fame kool-aid. Teresa takes this opportunity to sarcastically claim that Caroline says she never talks about her. Caroline responds by assuring her that she does talk about her all time because she does not like her. Ouch.

Caroline goes on to say that Dina has not spoken to her in a few months and that in addition to not speaking to her, Dina has not spoken to Jacqueline, Caroline’s children and her brother, Chris.

Kathy finally had the spotlight on her when her seemingly perfect and happy family life was highlighted. Kathy shared that Victoria’s maturity springs from her having a brain tumor when she was younger. She said that taught Victoria to appreciate life. Teresa takes this occasion to turn the spotlight back on her. She claimed that Victoria inspired her to “not sweat the small stuff”.  Andy takes this chance to tell Teresa that she does sweat the small stuff and is incredibly petty.

Andy moved on to a more touchy subject when he rehashed Kathy saying baby Adriana was unattended at the christening. Teresa flipped-out again and said that Kathy was attacking her ability to be a mother. Kathy defended herself by saying that Adriana was unattended and that she meant no malice when she said it. Kathy and Teresa continued to have it out when Kathy brought up the fact that after she made up with Teresa, Teresa went on to write a blog bashing her.

The yelling and accusations continued when Melissa made it clear that although, Teresa accuses her of breaking up the family she has never done anything to pin the Gorgas and the Giudices against each other.

The punches kept on coming when highlights were shown of Melissa and Teresa’s relationship this season. Melissa made it clear that she does not copy Teresa. Teresa disagreed. Not surprisingly, the other housewives came to Melissa’s rescue. Kathy said that nobody copies anybody “We all live in Northern New Jersey, we’re Italian and live in the same area, we are going to buy the same thing”.

Teresa was asked if she regretted anything she said about Melissa on the show. Teresa misunderstood this as a moment to highlight what Melissa had said about her. Andy brought Teresa back to the question at hand and made it clear that he meant anything she had said. Teresa had nothing to say.

Joe vs. Joe became the next subject of drama. Teresa tried to imply that the feud began when Melissa entered the picture. Melissa rebutted this and made it clear that the feud began before she came into the family and it came out of Joe Giudice’s way of demeaning Joe Gorga.

At last, the heartbreaking moment that showed Teresa’s true colors was brought up: Gia’s song. The Housewives furiously point out how inappropriate it was for Teresa to allow Gia to do that.

The show ended with what promised to be a touching moment and bring to focus what the season was about: Family. The housewives went on to talk about the importance and their definition of family and how in the end family will always be there no matter what.

 Judging by the way this season and reunion panned out, family is the only thing that binds the housewives together.

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