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Pierre Balmain's New, More Affordable Collection

Anita Dukart |
October 5, 2011 | 10:19 p.m. PDT

Contributing Writer



Pierre Balmain, a designer famous for his embellished, quintessentially Parisian pieces, has debuted a new line with a much lower price point. 

The old line, "Balmain", was known for having pieces with price tags equaling that of a modest car. His new line, "Pierre Balmain", runs about 90% cheaper than it’s predecessor. It features t-shirts running around the $200.00 range through leather jackets for over $1000. Though considerably cheaper than it’s older brother, this price point is still steep for many.

"Pierre Balmain" features more simplistic, comfortable designs than are typically expected from the designer. They are made in only neutral fabrics. Black, white and tan are the most frequent choices. 

“The "Pierre Balmain" collection translates the codes of Balmain in a more casual and relaxed manner,” said owner Alan Hivelin.

The design team, which was hired specifically for this line, manages to remain cohesive to his vision by including zebra print. Zebra is Balmain’s signature print.

The line is intended to fill your closet with “downtown wardrobe essentials” that are primarily androgynous-themed. 

Skinny jeans, zebra button downs, tuxedo jackets and denim vests all make an appearance.

He does, however, provide a few more unusual pieces, like leather drawstring pants.

Those searching for wearable, quality basics can expect to find what they’re looking for with Balmain’s less extravagant (though still very expensive) new line. They have the potential to remain in your closet for decades.


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