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Occupy USC: Students Show Solidarity With Wall Street Protesters

Aaron Liu |
October 24, 2011 | 5:04 p.m. PDT

Associate News Editor

Students gathered at the steps of Tommy Trojan for "Occupy USC."
Students gathered at the steps of Tommy Trojan for "Occupy USC."
USC students showed their support for Occupy Wall Street protesters Monday by gathering at Tommy Trojan for “Occupy USC.”

At times, the couple dozen students mimicked the practices of “Occupy Wall Street” protesters by waving their fingers to show agreement and by using the rules of other “Occupy” movements as a blueprint for their own.

Among the topics discussed by the students: compiling a poster of grievances (“USC acts like a corporation” topped their list) and deciding whether or not student journalists should be allowed to take notes on their meetings.

While USC College Democrats sponsored the event, the demonstrators at “Occupy USC” insisted that students of all political beliefs were welcome to join.

“It’s a non-partisan movement, which I think is so great,” said Ximena Velazquez-Arenas, president of USC College Democrats and a participant in the protests.

“I personally see no reason as to why financially stable students wouldn’t take a position in a moral argument,” she added.

Velazquez-Arenas felt that holding “Occupy” protests at a large private institution like USC could set off a wave of demonstrations at other California universities that look to USC for guidance.

“USC can set that example,” she said.

“Occupy USC” comes just weeks after two USC film-school students caught the attention of L.A. Weekly by holding their own “Occupy” vigil at Tommy Trojan.  

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