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More Electro Please: Halloween Raves in Los Angeles

Ross Newman |
October 25, 2011 | 11:35 a.m. PDT

Staff Columnist

It is Halloween in Los Angeles and that means one thing: huge raves.

For the last 14 years, this season has been predominately controlled by two companies. One company, Go Ventures, is known for its Monster Massive Halloween festival as well as for working in coalition with Insomniac Events on the New Years Eve festival, Together as One. The other company, Hardfest, is predominately known for its HARD Summer and HARD Haunted Mansion. Typically, these two companies fill the night air with pounding music the weekend before Halloween.

This year is a bit different though. Traditionally, Go Ventures has held Monster Massive at the LA Sports Arena, drawing in a crowd of 16,000 people in 2010.

This year likely due to continuing controversy by the city of Los Angeles, a new venue was chosen for the Monster Massive festival. However,  due to issues coordinating the event at Oak Canyon Park, Monster Massive was cancelled. (Anyone who has bought a ticket should go here to find out more about refunds.)

Also, there is a new player in the field. Insomniac Events is introducing their own Halloween-themed rave, Escape From Wonderland, which promises to be spectacular.

Considering Insomniac's reputation with their world-renowned Electric Daisy Carnival, the largest electronic music festival outside of Europe, it is bound to be a smash. But what does this mean for Go Ventures?

For one thing, it means a lot of lost revenue. Insomniac Events has already sold out tickets for Escape From Wonderland, a feat which is practically unheard of for a brand new event. Given Insomniac's momentum, this could cause trouble for Go Ventures over the next few years.

Customers who typically maintained loyalty to Go Ventures are being given the option to shamelessly try out a new event promoter. It also does not help that these customers are being lost to a company with a reputation for throwing fantastic events.

We will have to wait and see whether this year's failure for Go Ventures will hold repercussions for the years to come.

For more electronic music and rave news, check out Ross Newman's website at More Electro Please.com.

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