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Lindsay Lohan: Fashion Choices At Court

Samantha Katzman |
October 20, 2011 | 2:33 p.m. PDT


With her constant battles with the law, Lindsay Lohan has made many court appearances in the past few years, and it’s no surprise that she is met with a media circus with every court date. But as much attention as her judicial blunders attract, her courtroom wardrobe choices fall under just as much scrutiny. What she wears to court has become just as much of a spectacle as the court appearance itself. 

Lindsay Lohan in court Oct. 16, 2009
Lindsay Lohan in court Oct. 16, 2009
On her first court date on October 16, 2009 regarding a 2007 arrest for drunk driving, Lohan kept it classy and edgy with fitted black pants and a white blazer adorned with gold jewelry and black pumps.

A few moths later on May 24 at a probation hearing, Lohan rocked a sophisticated and sleek black pantsuit to match her newly brunette slicked back hair.

That same summer she was back to blonde, and looking somber in her all black attire for a July 6th probation hearing, and two weeks later she wore a causal jean and blazer ensemble when she was cuffed and jailed.

In February of 2011 Lohan appeared outside a Los Angeles courtroom in her most controversial attire- a skin tight, long-sleeved and dangerously short Kimberly Ovitz dress with her signature Chanel sunglasses. Many criticized the actress for looking too “seductive” at a hearing for felony grand theft.

Scrutiny didn’t stop Lohan from wearing a clingy Raquel Allegra nude dress, Chanel shoes and Dior shades to her March 2011 court date.

After once again being suspected of violating her parole, Lohan was back in court in July of 2011, and went polar opposite of her previous two curve-hugging wardrobe choices. She instead opted for classic black pants with a blue striped button up paired with pointed heels and a Chanel bag.

Again in July, she took courtroom apparel to the highest level of fashion with a low-cut, black maxi dress paired with a shiny metallic blazer. She accessorized with a pair of four-inch $1200 Madame Butterfly black Christian Louboutins. 

In her most recent court appearance on October 19, 2011 after, yet again, violating her parole, Lohan looked angelic in a flowing white Fendi dress and scarf paired with Guiseppe Zanotti sky-high gold pumps and a gold Chanel bag. 

Lohan has been in the spotlight since we saw her switch place with herself in 1998’s The Parent Trap, and for a talented actress, we have seen more from her in the courtroom than on the big screen. Her celebrity status makes her appearances in court and trouble with the law a media spectacle, and her courtroom fashion choices are the topic of much conversation and debate. 

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