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iOS 5, iCloud Officially Live For All

Ankit Tyagi |
October 12, 2011 | 12:02 p.m. PDT

Associate Tech Editor


Early this Wednesday, Apple officially released their latest mobile OS, iOS 5, to all users. With over 200 new features, many iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users will get a nice new update for their devices. Beyond iOS 5, consumers now get access to iCloud, Apple's cloud solution to keeping data and devices in sync.

iOS 5 Logo. Photo courtesy of Apple.
iOS 5 Logo. Photo courtesy of Apple.

Announced during WWDC 2011, iOS 5 will feature a new notification system, iMessage, Twitter integration, and more. One big feature coming up is the iCloud integration between Mac's and iDevices. With iCloud, contacts, mail, calendars, and devices will be backed up. 

Using iCloud for your computer will require an update for Mac OS X Lion. Installing iOS 5 is as simple as plugging in your iDevice into iTunes and pressing update.

For more information about the features of iCloud, read here.

For more information about the features iOS 5, read here.


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