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Fall Television Ratings: Who’s Winning And Losing

Staff Reporters |
October 1, 2011 | 10:39 a.m. PDT

Top 5 Fall Shows (graphic by Kelsey Richards)
Top 5 Fall Shows (graphic by Kelsey Richards)
Two weeks into the fall television season, networks can already tell which new and returning shows will soar and which ones may be on the chopping block in a matter of weeks. 

Some of the top shows are no surprise: Sunday Night Football, “Dancing With The Stars” and “NCIS” are ratings gold.

In addition, new shows such as comedies “2 Broke Girls” and “New Girl” shocked media experts with their successful ratings in the first two weeks. 

There have, however, been some disappointments. NBC’s “Playboy Club” had less than four million viewers in week two. In addition, “The Sing Off,” NBC’s a cappella singing competition show was in fourth place the same night during their two-hour time slot. FOX’s highly anticipated “Terra Nova” premiere only received around 9 million viewers.

Finally, Simon Cowell’s “X-Factor,” which was expected to have ratings equivalent to “American Idol” (easily 20 million plus) had over 11 million viewers in week two. It’s a great number networks like NBC would love to have. With it’s strong advertising campaign, priceless hype and star-studded judges, however, FOX was hoping for more.

The next few weeks will help networks determine which shows to pro-long, keep and possibly trash for the season.

For more ratings of your favorite shows go to Zap2it here.





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