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Hollywood Forever Cemetery Celebrates Dia de Los Muertos

Tallie Johnson |
October 26, 2011 | 10:02 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Colorful costumes, drums beating, children with their faces painted, and families eating popcorn is not what normally happens at a graveyard. But the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Saturday was host for the 12th annual Dia de los Muertos, a  celebration in Mexico to remember the lives of those who have died.

The graveyard was filled with colorful decorations. (Tallie Johnson/Neon Tommy)
The graveyard was filled with colorful decorations. (Tallie Johnson/Neon Tommy)

The cemetery was filled with altars and shrines that were decorated to reflect the life of the deceased.

Some shrines were filled with photographs, others flowers, but all uniquely portrayed the passion of the individual. There were shrines covered in dinosaur references to shrines filled with music notes.  A unique altar called “Pier Into the Past” delved into the generation of family history rather than just one particular person.

The event lasted from noon until midnight and included performances from various different cultures that honored those who died.

Some of the performances included Aztec dancers who showcased traditional dances with drums, contemporary dances from the Brazeros Dance Theater, and Masanga Marimba Ensemble which represented a fusion of African, Latin and American cultures.

There was an entire kids center with face painting, storytelling and arts and crafts for families present. With it's location in the cemetery, the atmosphere was festive and joyous, rather than somber. The face painting, which was often white, with skull references, was colorful and ornate. Many women wore bridal gowns and extensive flower arrangements in their hair. The sea of death that permeated throughout the cemetery was transformed into a sea of bright vibrate colors and smiling faces to pay homage to life.

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