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Bricks and Scones: A Coffee Lover's Haven

Anita Dukart |
October 5, 2011 | 10:43 p.m. PDT

Contributing Writer

Bricks and Stones. (Anita Dukart/NeonTommy)
Bricks and Stones. (Anita Dukart/NeonTommy)
Despite its location on a busy street in Los Angeles, Bricks and Scones coffee shop is remarkably cozy and relaxing. Its cappuccinos and teas are satisfying, but hardly encompass the reason for visiting the restaurant.

Located just north of Beverly Boulevard, Bricks and Scones manages to balance a typical (though delicious) assortment of coffee and tea beverages with sandwiches and paninis that leave no taste bud left behind.

Their lattes, made with Intelligentsia espresso, are frothy and smooth. Non-coffee drinkers can choose from a wide range of teas, or spring for their rich hot chocolate.

Those looking to stay awhile might opt for their "afternoon tea," which is available all day. It includes one pot of tea and two scones with jam, lemon curd, and clotted cream.

Coffee and latte. (Anita Dukart/NeonTommy)
Coffee and latte. (Anita Dukart/NeonTommy)
Their food options are also delicious. Customers craving a Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Avocado sandwich can find one at Bricks and Scones that incorporates all the traditional flavors that you’d expect from a B.L.T.A. into a surprisingly light sandwich.

Their caprese sandwiches are fresh, but not simplistic, with mozzarella melted delectably over juicy tomatoes.

Finally, the apple coffee cake is perfectly dense, with sugary apple bits covering the top of the moist cake. It’s well worth ordering, and just the right size to split with a friend.

Sandwiches. (Anita Dukart/NeonTommy)
Sandwiches. (Anita Dukart/NeonTommy)
Beyond the menu, Bricks and Scones offers a movie-set worthy coffee shop ambiance. The central room downstairs is filled with soft conversation, a "swap-in-swap-out" library where customers are able to trade their own book for another one free of charge, and comfy chairs.

Upstairs, serious readers and students can find a noise-free zone in “The Study.”

There are also outdoor options, with plenty of trees and comfortable outdoor furniture to maintain the relaxed vibe. 

Finally, as any good coffee shop should, Bricks and Scones has free Wi-Fi, student discounts, and a special area for coffee drinkers and their dogs. It’s a great option for a night of studying, or Sunday brunch with friends.

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