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'Autism Is Awesomism' At The Grove

Candice Helen Hakimfar |
October 4, 2011 | 10:25 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter


The Grove hosted an all-star concert that attracted hundreds of people promoting The Miracle Project's "Autism is Awesomism" last night featuring Jack Black and Stephen Stills as headliners. 

The free event also featured celebrity performers Holly Robinson Peete, star of HBO's Emmy-winning documentary "AUTISM: The Musical," and Wyatt Isaacs, a 16 year-old with autism, out on a mission.

Wyatt offered words of encouragement and advice to the audience, advocating acceptance of diversity. 

"It is bigger than autism, it is about world peace," Wyatt said.

The Miracle Project is a fully inclusive theater arts program that involves children and teens on the autism spectrum in music, movement and drama activities in order to develop their social skills and creative expression. Last night's event served as an opportunity for talented kids to express themselves and the need for tolerance toward children with special needs. 

Wyatt, along with Stephen Stills and Jack Black, recorded a YouTube hit, "Sensitive," for the benefit album FLY. 

Another child living with autism delivered a solo cello performance of Chopin's Suite and other teenagers sang original popular songs. 

The event was filmed as part of a new series, "Everyday Health," a series that Wyatt has been cast on and that will air on ABC in the spring.

"Everyday Health" has enabled Wyatt to travel the world and work with families across the United States, and as far as India, Ethiopia and the Caribbean. 

He has addressed more than 400 ambassadors at the United Nations, and recently performed at Carnegie Hall at the Genius of Autism event. 

Actor John Voight, who was cheering on the kids in the audience, said: "It's amazing how you can see that the people here are enjoying this tremendously. These kids, many of whom a couple of years ago weren't interacting with people, are getting up in front of several hundreds of people here singing. It's very powerful."

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