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The Top 10 Funniest Hockey Moments-VIDEO

Sarah Sotoodeh |
September 28, 2011 | 9:58 p.m. PDT

Associate Sports Editor

Hockey season is just around the corner and what better way to kick it off than to watch funny (and sometimes embarrassing) moments hockey players have endured throughout the years.

10. No "funniest moments" list is complete without the Ryan Kesler interview bomb video.  His creeper behavior just doesn't get old.

9. Linus Omark of the Edmonton Oilers was the object of a team-planned prank involving a plane, a flight attendant and a very scary face mask.

8. Who knew hockey players were so affectionate?  Steve Yzerman gives teammate Martin Lapointe's cheek some love.

7. When Mike Richards played for the Philadelphia Flyers his teammate started pranking him during a live interview.  See how Richards dealt with a persistent stick nudging him in the face.

6. Hockey players are known for their skills on the ice, not in the kitchen.  Watch Penguins forward Evgeni Malkin attempt to make some Russian cuisine.

5. Is Alexander Ovechkin a Russian spy?  Take a look at this SportsCenter commercial featuring Ovi and see for yourself.


4. Marty Turco decided to prank an unsuspecting Roman Polak.  Take a look at what he did.


3. Patrick Sharp and former teammate Adam Burish (he now plays for the Dallas Stars) played countless tricks on youngsters Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane.  Here Toews, Burish, Kane and Sharp recall some of the funniest pranks.

2. Can’t get enough of the Sharp/Burish pranks?  Here’s one more prank by the funny duo:

1. While spending the day with Boston Bruins forward Michael Ryder, Lord Stanley had a little accident.  See for yourself what happened in Newfoundland.



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