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REVIEW: The Triple J Threat - Joe Jonas, Jay Sean, & JoJo

Alexa Hess |
September 28, 2011 | 9:36 a.m. PDT

Associate Arts Editor

Photo courtesy of India Bulkeley.
Photo courtesy of India Bulkeley.
The Triple J Threat takes America by storm on their combined tour.  Joe Jonas, JaySean and JoJo collaborate for their latest tour, each promoting their latest individual work to one combined audience.

Together, the three put on an incredible show at the Sunset House of Blues that completely engaged the audience. Joe Jonas’ new music takes a much more sophisticated turn. He said, “There’s fans that I’ve been able to reach with this record that I’ve never been able to reach before — I think an older audience and it’s been growing and growing.”

He acknowledged his continued following from days as a Jonas Brother and performed a few songs from the past. The crowd jumped up and down and blurted out the words to their past hit “Burning Up.”

In a more serious and somber tone, Joe Jonas brought a stool, inching forward to the screaming fans. “’Kleptomaniac’ and ‘I’m Sorry’ are my favorites,” Jonas said in regard to his favorite songs from his album Fast Life.

Jonas hopes his fans react to the songs with sincerity. “I want my fans to just be able to really relate and understand where I’m coming from when I write these songs — I hope that they have fun with me too,” he said.

“To be able to do this all by myself — it’s exciting yet scary. You really have to put yourself out there lyrically and let the world know what you’re going through, and that sometimes can be a very vulnerable state to be in.” He thanks his team for helping him to reach a point where he can write his most personal, favorite songs.

He also thanks his father. Papa Jonas has always been a part of the boys’ music careers, and Joe explains: “He’s become a friend to me these days, we’ve been closer…the best thing he’s ever told me is 'live like you’re at the bottom, even if you’re at the top.' I’m not saying that I’m at the top, just that that has come true for a lot of what I’ve done. It can be so easy to take things for granted or treat people with disrespect or just assume you can do whatever you want.” Joe Jonas hopes he stays level-headed while still recognizing the success he’s reached at 22. 



Photo courtesy of India Bulkely.
Photo courtesy of India Bulkely.
Similarly, JoJo aims to reach the female crowd that Joe Jonas has gathered.  As she prepares for the release of her new album Jumping Trains, she aims to expose the personal touch she’s added to her music.

With her new single “Disaster,” she’s opened up an edgier feel, telling the crowd “let’s get emo.” Her performance overall was fun, young, sultry and energetic.

JoJo is thankful for a new beginning in her ongoing career. She grew up in the harsh whirlwind of the music industry. She said the hardest thing was people who don’t know the truth making various judgments.

However, as music is all she knows, JoJo passionately loves writing songs, connecting with crowd, and “feeling a transfer of energy – it’s so rewarding.”



Photo courtesy of India Bulkely.
Photo courtesy of India Bulkely.
Jay Sean also loves songwriting. At 30 years old, after time spent creating his own record label, Jay Sean continues to own the stage. With his DJ and his wild, beat-boxing MC, Jay Sean put on an energetic and enjoyable performance.

He loves performing in large arenas where he recognizes how much of an influence he’s had on the music people listen to.

However, he is truly enjoying this small-venue tour as he’s been able to connect with the crowd on a personal level. Since songwriting is his specialty, the smaller crowds allow an additional sense of the honesty to come forward in performing whereas it is so easy to tune out a large crowd.

Jay Sean feels “She Has No Time” is his most honest song. The song is intimate and personal, and the process of songwriting was so rewarding for him.

Typically he blocks time to write, but he also improvises when “sometimes it’s 2 a.m. and I can’t sleep.” He says that inspiration can’t be forced. It’s the perfect blend of a wild imagination and the truth.

The dedication was certainly felt as he passionately performed each song, interacting with the crowd and their hyped reactions.

For more pictures of the performances, check out photographer India Bulkeley’s website.

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