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Marc By Marc Jacobs 2012 Runway Show

Allison Selick |
September 12, 2011 | 6:59 p.m. PDT

Fashion Editor

(Image Courtesy of Style.Mtv.Com)
(Image Courtesy of Style.Mtv.Com)

This season’s Marc by Marc Jacobs show was all about fluorescents! He started off his collection with a series of suits, dresses and jacket trims, each in a color of orange that was burnt yet bright. He then introduced bright pinks, almost fuchsia in  hue, yet somehow more brilliant. A short series of green pieces came next. Each of these highlighter-inspired pieces was paired with navy, as to both tone the color down and allow it to stand on its own.

After the brights came a Marc by Marc Jacobs classic: red, blue and white stripes. This print could be seen on everything from bathing suits to dresses. Then came a singular pink, preppy striped pantsuit.

The next theme was black and hot pink. It began with the entrance of a few all-black dresses, and continued until a new print: black with hot pink abstract florals. This print was copied on a dress and skirt.

The entirety of the show consisted of menswear and menswear-inspired womenswear. Pantsuits and briefcase-inspired purses took the lead, as well as

The soundtrack to this season’s Marc by Marc Jacobs show ranged from the most obscure electronic remixes to Britney Spears, consistently bouncing back and forth between tracks.

Although we will now have to wait until Thursday to see his collection show, the Marc by Marc Jacobs show was wonderful and should be enough to hold us over!

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