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Jon Stewart Mocks Tea Party Debate

Tracy Bloom |
September 14, 2011 | 11:19 a.m. PDT

Deputy Executive Editor

Monday night's CNN Tea Party Debate was truly "an historic event," according to Jon Stewart, who spent much of Tuesday night's edition of "The Daily Show" poking fun at the latest GOP presidential debate. "Truly a remarkable pairing, as a fringe, often derided, incompetent bunch of yahoos was finally granted legitimacy by pairing with the Tea Party,” Stewart joked.

Introducing a new segment of his show called “Indecision 1776 –Ye  Cobblestone Road To The White House," the host of "The Daily Show" then proceeded to mock the reality-show like spectacle at the start of the debate, which included  the “New York Knicks style” candidate introductions, the singing of the national anthem and a debate set itself which Stewart described as looking like “the inside of Betsy Ross’s vagina.”

But the introduction was just a warm-up for the rest of the night’s attempted beat down of presidential frontrunner Rick Perry by the other seven GOP candidates, according to Stewart, who then played a montage of the candidate’s attacking Perry on various issues raging from illegal immigration to social security. 

Stewart then asked if any of these attacks will actually make a difference in the race, since Perry’s already leading without making any sense. After a soundbite which basically proves Stewart’s point, he says of Perry  "He says it in such a homespun, likable way that you're halfway home before you realize, 'Hey that didn't make any f*cking sense!'"

But Stewart said the real star of the night wasn’t Perry, it was the Tea Party itself. That led into what was perhaps the most controversial and shocking moment of the night--the audience’s cheering response to a question posed to Ron Paul asking the Texas congressman if he thought a sick, uninsured man should be left to die.

Stewarts response: "I don’t think everyone in the audience shouting ‘yes!’ heard Dr. Paul say ‘no.’”

Watch the entire two-part segement via Comedy Central here and here.



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