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"It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" Season Premiere: "Frank's Pretty Woman"

Salomon Fuentes |
September 15, 2011 | 10:29 p.m. PDT

Staff Writer

The Gang (Creative Commons)
The Gang (Creative Commons)
Has it really been six years since "It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia" hit the air? It's true, time sure does fly by when you’re watching The Gang and their antics. 

Last year, the show hit some pretty high benchmarks with its Rashomon- inspired Halloween episode and another episode where Dennis and Mac bought a boat hoping to throw an epic boat party but it predictably ends badly.

What’s on tab for season seven? For one Charlie decides to take on a new identity as millionaire Hoss Bonaventure, CEO, who happens to have made his fortune in “boiled denims” and “the bridge business.” (In case you were wondering: “We boil all our denim,” Charlie explains about the jeans he and Frank found under the bridge.)

You’ve also got Mac, who is Dennis’s words is, “fat as sh**.” Yes, Mac’s diet consisting mostly of chimichangas eventually caught up to him and the man has gained 50 pounds of “mass.” (Also, adult-onset diabetes.) Expect to see this be a huge theme for the season since Rob McElhenney channeled Robert Deniro and actually did gain 50 pounds for comedy’s sake.

Dennis seems to be obsessed with “staying 20,” though this means he no longer eats lunch and it also means he’s plagued with anemia and low-blood pressure among other illnesses. It’s enough to where Mac think’s he’s healthier

Oh, and Frank wants to marry his girlfriend, Roxy, who happens to be a prostitute. All this in just one episode, mind you. It mostly works and you see a tone set for the season where the gang is worried about their “second act” but the Roxy, “Pretty Woman” and Tiger Woods jokes don’t always hit.

Still, the season is young and even when things aren’t working, Charlie steps up and steals the spotlight in Thursday's episode. So, here’s to another season of our favorite group of the most awful people we know. Let’s hope they never ever change.

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