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Gossip Girl Inspired Clothing Line Set To Come Out This Fall

D. Asal Ehsanipour |
September 17, 2011 | 9:15 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter


It’s a cause for celebration for wannabe Upper Eastsiders everywhere as Los Angeles-based Romeo & Juliet Couture teams up with Warner Brothers to produce a clothing line inspired by the leading ladies of CW’s "Gossip Girl," according to Women’s Wear Daily.

The clothing line will be released this fall in timely accordance with the show’s fifth season, and will be featured at upscale shopping locations such as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Kitson. 

Prices are said to range from $80-$200- a budgetary boost upwards for those who remember Anna Sui’s "Gossip Girl"-inspired collection for Target in 2009. Though Sui’s line focused on a specific look for each of the diverse female characters- complete with high-collared dresses for Blaire and “school girl gone wild” outfits for Jenny Humphrey- the new collection is said to include chiffon dresses, leather, and elegant prints. Romeo & Juliet Couture’s line hopes to expand to handbags and accessories by spring, says WWD.

At a time when much of the "Gossip Girl's" television credibility depends on its ever-fabulous fashion, this collaboration of style and television could be beneficial to "Gossip Girl’s" survival, as well as the closets of its happy fans. Just imagine the Blaire headbands and glamorous Serena mini-dresses this line has in store. Upper East Side dinner party, anyone? 

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