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Fantasy Football Busts, So Far

Michael Katz |
September 28, 2011 | 1:37 p.m. PDT

Staff Writer

Chris Johnson hasn't lived up to his huge new contract. (Wikimedia Commons)
Chris Johnson hasn't lived up to his huge new contract. (Wikimedia Commons)
It’s about that time of the football season where fantasy football gamers yell at the TV every time a player on their team fails to score a touchdown. 

Yeah, we all have that feeling; we have a “great draft” and then, the next thing you know, you’ve dropped half your team because they aren’t performing the way the experts said they would. 

With that being said, here is a list of the season’s biggest fantasy busts thus far (note: this does not count injuries; that’s just unfair).

1. Chris Johnson, RB, Tennessee Titans

To put into perspective how bad Johnson has been thus far, here are some key stats: Ricky Williams, Danny Woodhead, and Chad Henne all have more yards than Johnson does. 

He is averaging just 2.1 yards a carry and has a paltry 98 yards rushing. So much for getting to 2,000 yards again, Chris.

2. Matt Cassel, QB, Kansas City Chiefs

Cassel was a pleasant surprise for fantasy owners last year, as were the Chiefs in general. 

However, Cassel has looked downright bad this season. 

He’s averaging only 5.22 yards per attempt and has three touchdowns compared to five interceptions. He’s also only throwing for 143 yards a game. 


3. Josh Freeman, QB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Freeman had a great second season, throwing 25 touchdowns and only six interceptions. 

This season has been less kind thus far. 

He has only two touchdown passes so far.

I’m not jumping ship yet on Freeman, but he better get me at least 25 points against the Colts this week.

4. Chad Ochocinco, WR, New England Patriots

No fantasy football bust list could be complete without including Ochocinco (pictured left). 

While I didn’t expect him to put up incredible numbers, he’s been nothing short of awful so far. 

He has only five catches, for under 100 yards on the season. 

Considering that Tom Brady is on pace to throw for 6,000 yards, it’s pretty evident that Chad is not a key piece of the offense. 

5. Antonio Gates, TE, San Diego Chargers

I know I said I’d exclude injured players from this list, but even when he was in, Gates really didn’t do a lot. 

Against the Patriots he did not record a single catch, and has only eight on the year. Considering many owners drafted Gates in the third or fourth round, he hasn’t been as good as advertised. 

6. All Panthers’ running backs

The Panthers have several great backs; that’s sort of the problem. 

Owners do not know on which day Jonathan Stewart or DeAngelo Williams will be the featured back. 

If you put them together, you have a solid tailback. 

Unfortunately, fantasy football doesn’t work like that.

7. Dallas Clark, TE, Indianapolis Colts

I feel bad picking on the Colts at this point, as no one on that team has the chance to produce without Peyton Manning. 

However, Clark (at right) has really been dreadful. 

He only has a 10 catches on the year and is averaging just 8.3 yards per reception. That’s good for 110th in the league. 



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