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The Comic Yogi: Maha Yoga's Steve Ross

Candice Helen Hakimfar |
September 29, 2011 | 1:24 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

(Creative Commons)
(Creative Commons)
Finding a comedic yogi sounds like an oxymoron, but owner and yoga instructor Steve Ross of Maha Yoga in Brentwood, Calif. brings this combination to fruition on a daily basis.

The hybrid of laughter, happiness and yoga isn't easily found, considering the fact that this 5,000-year-old practice relies heavily on a series of meticulous motions. 

This former monk takes this fastidious practice and combines it with an hour and a half of cranked-up music ranging from Tupac Shakur, The Beatles, Lauryn Hill and a host of others. Although the role that music plays in Ross's yoga classes is shocking to many practitioners, a quick look at his Rico Suave attitude and ear-to-ear smile is convincing about how "on the beat" he really is. Happiness is something that Ross says people should just be; one should not seek it.

Anger is something that humans should not suppress; it is totally normal and one cannot deny their feels. If anger is something that one feels, so be it.

In the 1,000-square-foot yoga studio, Ross' weekend classes attract a handsome crowd of more than 100 people, with only 90 students fitting in the room.

Is it the chichi location, the eye candy of the students or simply his radiant energy that keeps Angeleno's hooked? How about the fact that Ross' approach is what he calls a "non-serious, more celebratory" way of looking at yoga.

Iva, a co-worker of Ross, says that "Steve equals humor." Another worker at Maha Yoga, Helen, says: "He wants his classes to be fun and for everybody to be happy."

The laughter, happiness and warm energy is contagious and can only be felt in the most Ross incorporates the physical aspects of yoga along with the philosophical and spiritual roots and takes a comedic approach. His cool essence is a natural stress relief and the eye-candy that attends the class can cure any blues.

With affection and joyful carelessness, Ross offers an amazing way to practice and incorporate yoga in our lives.
The outcome is an incredible stress release and the realization that happiness is all around, especially if you know Steve Ross.

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