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Airline Passengers Detained On 9/11 Anniversary

David McAlpine |
September 11, 2011 | 10:39 p.m. PDT

(Photo via Creative Commons)
(Photo via Creative Commons)
While millions of Americans remembered the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, security officials across the nation were on high alert, resulting in several airline passengers getting detained Sunday.

Three passengers were detained by police Sunday afternoon at Detroit's Metropolitan Airport after they were taken off a Frontier Airlines flight from Denver when passengers reported suspicious behavior. After deplaning, they were interviewed by federal officials.

From Reuters:

Peter Kowalchuk, a spokesman for the airline, said the passengers "were observed behaving suspiciously" on Frontier flight 623, which originated in San Diego.

The FBI, Transportation Security Administration and local police were notified and when the Airbus A318 landed in Detroit at about 3:30 local time, it was sent to a holding pad some distance from the concourse where the luggage of the 118 passengers aboard it was removed and sniffed by police dogs.

Sandra Berchtold, a spokesswoman for the FBI in Detroit, said the three passengers were being interviewed and were not under arrest.

The arrests in Detroit happened after NORAD sent two F-16 jets to accompany an American Airlines flight en route to New York's JFK International Airport from Los Angeles after three passengers kept returning to the airliner's bathroom, according to officials.

The three passengers were cleared after further investigation, and federal officials declared the incident was not related to an act of terrorism.



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