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REVIEW: “Glee 3D” Movie Will Make Gleeks Rejoice

Mike Vulpo |
August 12, 2011 | 7:24 p.m. PDT

Associate Entertainment Editor

"GLEE 3D" in theaters now
"GLEE 3D" in theaters now
You don’t have to be a “Glee” addict or self-proclaimed Gleek to enjoy the latest adventure of the television spectacle.

From the beginning, movie-goers will appreciate and enjoy some of the greatest hits showcased on the popular FOX show. The cast opens the movie united for Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” followed by My Chemical Romance and their single, “Sing.”

The hour and 24 minute movie, filmed during several stops on the “Glee Live” tour, is mostly filled with full-length performances of the songs fans have loved and downloaded on I-tunes soon after they aired on national television. The variety of artists showcased in the film includes everyone from Rick Springfield, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson to the Beatles. Beware, all of the songs featured on the official movie soundtrack are not all aired throughout the movie. 

Besides the entertaining performances including the must see “Raise Your Glass” by “Glee’s” Dalton Warblers, fans get an inside look at the cast members and their personalities. Heather Morris, who plays Brittany, is the snarky, funny one who is proud of what her character stands for. While in the make-up chair, Morris proclaims that she is excited her boobs look great in 3D. Don’t worry parents- that is pretty much the most inappropriate part of the whole movie. Amber Riley, who plays Mercedes, is the happy, always smiling girl. Lea Michele, or Rachel, is the major star who freaks out when she discovers Barbara Streisand is in the audience for her performance.

Don’t expect to see that much behind-the-scenes magic however. This is no Justin Bieber movie where we hear Bieber’s life story and meet his entire tour staff. It’s mostly all music and a lot of Gleeks who share how much the show has impacted their lives.

In between musical performances, the camera crew often asks fans waiting outside the concert venues who their favorite character is and why. Based on many answers, its clear fans of the FOX show see parts of themselves in individual characters. It’s not too fluffy and doesn’t take up too much of the movie. In addition, it’s important to have because it helps fully grasp why this show and concert tour is special and deserve to be made into a movie.

Surprisingly, on opening night, the theatre was practically empty with about 10 fans ranging from young teenagers to married couples. This movie certainly didn’t need the 3D element. However, the music and cast make this movie a great summer film for the entire family. For those who weren’t able to see the group live in concert, like myself, or didn’t watch every episode from every season- it’s okay. You can still enjoy the show and it may just make you a Gleek and proud of it.

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