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NHL Notes: Horton Ready; Crosby Speaks

Lauren Ammatuna |
August 25, 2011 | 1:37 p.m. PDT

Staff Writer


Fans are hoping Crosby will return in time to play a full season. (Dan4th Nicholas via Creative Commons)
Fans are hoping Crosby will return in time to play a full season. (Dan4th Nicholas via Creative Commons)
Two of the NHL’s concussed players spoke out Wednesday in regards to their health status. While Nathan Horton is ready to play this season, Sidney Crosby appears not to have as much luck.

Horton and Crosby both suffered concussions during the 2010-2011 season. Horton, a winger for the Stanley Cup-winning Boston Bruins, was injured during game 3 of the Cup finals after being hit by Aaron Rome of the Vancouver Canucks during the first period. 

Crosby has been out since January 5 after taking two hard hits to the head – one from David Steckel at the Winter Classic against the Washington Capitals, and then from Victor Hedman while playing against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Although he has not skated yet, Horton said that he has been symptom free most of the summer – which is fantastic news. "I feel pretty good. I don't have any headaches. I'm back to normal and I'm excited to start playing again,” he said Wednesday. With that hurdle cleared, he is now able to start preparing for training camp and this coming season. 

Crosby, on the other hand, began to feel concussion symptoms when he was 90% back to his normal workout routine over the summer. This setback has caused quite the stir within the NHL, as many were hoping to see him ready to go by the beginning of training camp.

CTV News caused a commotion Monday when it announced that Crosby would not be back in time for the September 16 start of training camp. Crosby’s agent, Pat Brisson, later said that there is still no timetable for his return – essentially a restatement of what he and everyone else have been saying since Crosby incurred the injury.

The star player finally broke his silence Wednesday when he released the following statement through the Penguins organization:

“I appreciate all the support I've received from my family, friends, teammates and fans and from the entire Penguins organization. I know they only want the best for my health, and for me to be fully ready when I return to game action.”

Unfortunately, concussions in the NHL are nothing out of the ordinary. What is even more unfortunate is that each person reacts to their injury differently – so there really is no cure-all to putting these men on the mend as soon as possible. 

So fans are forced to wait on bated breath as the Crosby saga continues.  

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