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Apple Again Loses iPhone Prototype

Paresh Dave |
August 31, 2011 | 6:42 p.m. PDT


iPhone 4. (Creative Commons)
iPhone 4. (Creative Commons)

A day before two men head to court in Northern California to be arraigned on charges that that they illegally obtained and sold an iPhone 4 prototype, CNET broke the news Wednesday that an Apple employee lost what is believed to be an iPhone 5 in July.

Again at a bar, an Apple employee left behind the iPhone. Apple never filed a police report, but CNET reported that San Francisco Police Department officers searched the home of a man who was at the bar the night the phone was lost. Nothing turned up, and the phone's location remains a mystery.

Technology blog Gizmodo purchased last year's stolen from the two men for $5,000. Apple declined to press charges on the Gizmodo editor at the time. This year's version may have been sold on craigslist for $200, according to CNET.

Apple's stock took an initial hit after the announcement that CEO Steve Jobs would step down, but has since risen to above where it stood before the announcement.

Recent rumors have suggested the iPhone 5 could be coming first to Sprint this fall.



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