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Sea World San Diego Offers Thrills And Water Chills

Mike Vulpo |
July 12, 2011 | 11:25 a.m. PDT

Associate Entertainment Editor

Sea World San Diego (Seaworld.com)
Sea World San Diego (Seaworld.com)
When anyone thinks of Sea World, the first thing that comes to mind is the one and only Shamu. For others, maybe it’s the water coaster, Journey to Atlantis, that is half water ride, half roller coaster.

As the summer continues and the kids are out of school, Sea World San Diego offers a wide variety of attractions and shows to entertain all audiences. Here are the top five things to do your next visit to Sea World San Diego.

Water Rides

Sea World isn’t known for their thrill rides. Their main focus appears to be sea animals, especially dolphins and whales. Nonetheless, their two water rides in San Diego, Journey to Atlantis and Shipwreck Rapids, are some of the best water attractions in Southern California. Journey to Atlantis is a journey to a lost civilization with plenty of steep drops and fast turns along the way. Shipwreck Rapids, a raft ride, will get everyone in the boat soaked. There is even a waterfall you ride right under. Even on a Sunday afternoon, both rides only had twenty minute waits. Can’t beat that during the summer at theme parks.


Shamu continues to impress audiences of all ages in the summer show titled “One Ocean.” Granted, my guests and I were in the front row of the soak zone section so we might have been too worried about the next big splash than the actual show. Based on what I saw, however, Shamu can still flip, wave to his trainer and eat gobs of fish. An insider tip- if a Shamu show is going on and you aren’t watching, head to the rides. The lines are much shorter.

Seasame Street Bay of Play

Parents, this is the place to take your kids!  The Bay of Play offers everything from a bounce house, the chance to meet Elmo and the gang and kid-friendly rides such as Abby’s Sea Star Spin and Elmo’s Flying Fish. It wouldn’t be surprising if kids could spend the whole day in this section of the park alone.

Cirque de la Mer

If getting wet isn’t your goal or maybe you need a break from the sea animals, Cirque de la Mer is for you. The 25 minute show includes colorful characters that are so flexible, it may shock you.  A man should not be able to balance on another man’s head. In addition, other characters jump and flip into the bay. Before the show, two of the characters entertain the crowd with two volunteers from the audience. Stay after and you might be able to meet the incredible people who make this show spectacular.

Penguin Encounter

Nearly 300 penguins live in this exhibit. The precious animals might be hard to see in the summer because they follow the light cycle of Antarctica (dark in the summer, light in our winter). However, as you step onto the rolling floor, you see the penguins sleeping, swimming and even jumping. Sure there are opportunities to see many other animals in the park such as flamingos, turtles and even sharks. But something about penguins makes this exhibit a must see.

Learn more about Sea World San Diego here.

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