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Lockout Latest: NFL Meets, NBPA Speaks Out

Kate Rooney |
June 23, 2011 | 2:32 p.m. PDT

Senior Sports Editor

NBPA president Fisher said players aren't afraid of a lockout. (Donielle via Creative Commons)
NBPA president Fisher said players aren't afraid of a lockout. (Donielle via Creative Commons)
NBA fans had scant time to revel in the joy of one of the most compelling Finals’ series in recent memory.

Instead, just 10 days after the Mavericks’ secured the Larry O’Brien trophy, talk of the looming lockout has taken over pro basketball headlines.

As the NFL continues talks in Boston this week, NBA players are starting to speak up.

Here’s a look at what’s happening in each league.


The NBA’s collective bargaining agreement is set to expire June 30, and after the first days of union meetings Thursday president Derek Fisher indicated that players would face a lockout rather than accept a new CBA proposal they feel is unfair.

“We’d love to avoid a lockout, but we’re unified in the sense of not being afraid if that’s what we’re faced with,” Fisher told reporters a news conference.

The players and owners met Tuesday to share initial proposals, but were unsuccessful in reaching an agreement.

The players offered to reduce their revenue take over the next five years from 57 percent to just over 54 percent, effectively accounting for about $500 million, CBS Sports reported.

The league proposed a new cap system, in which teams would be budgeted $62 million with flexibility at the top, but since there would still be an undisclosed limit for per-team spending, players feel such a system would be rigid and unfair.

Many expect that an owners meeting next week will result in a vote to lockout the players.


Thursday marked the 100th day of the NFL lockout, the longest work stoppage in the league’s history.

But ESPN and Fox Sports reported speaking to sources that were “optimistic” about the direction talks have taken this week.

The focus of the meetings has been on the sharing of league revenue, but buzz about rookie pay systems an impending TV deal from which the NFL stands to garner millions has continued to surround the two sides.

Stoking the fire further was lead NFL attorney Jeff Pash, who suggested that free agency won’t open until a completed CBA has been agreed upon and instituted, according to Fox Sports.

But no official pronouncements of the negotiations regarding restricted vs. unrestricted free agency have been released.


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