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All 6's And 7's: Tech N9ne Pushes Rap To The Limit Once Again

Sarah Webb |
June 6, 2011 | 11:34 a.m. PDT


All 6's and 7's is the new album
All 6's and 7's is the new album
A big-time rapper cast gives Tech N9ne’s new album some serious star power. The Kansas City rapper known for his underground rap supremacy and stirring lyrics releases his 12th studio album this week under Strange Music Records.

It’s been a busy past few months for Tech, with two recent EP releases, as well as a mixtape release on top of All 6’s and 7’s hitting stores Tuesday.  He also recently embarked on his All 6’s and 7’s Tour on May 26th, during which he will be performing 62 shows all across the country in 10 weeks. 

With special appearances by the likes of B.O.B., Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Yelawolf, E-40, T-Pain and others, the album shows promise to be a favorite among radio stations. Some have even gone so far as to say this album is Tech’s first mainstream compilation. 

Despite the record number of guest features on All 6’s and 7’s, Tech is able to stick to his unique and brutally explicit style that his large underground following has grown to love. The album looks to be a strong follow-up to Tech’s 2009 release of K.O.D.

“Worldwide Choppers,” a track previously released on All 6’s and 7’s, brings together nine of the fastest rappers on the planet in one big showcase of lyrical dominance and speed. It even includes champion spitter Busta Rhymes, who recently demonstrated his fast-talking skills in Chris Brown’s hit single “Look at Me Now”, produced by electro sensation Diplo.

Tech N9ne and Lil Wayne tear it up in “F*** Food”, a song whose content and title won’t exactly win it any playing time on top-40 radio stations. 

“F.A.N.S.” is the leading track on the album and takes Tech back to the adoring fans in his hometown of Kansas City, Missouri. Standing for “Forever Accepting N9ne’s Soul,” Tech thanks his loyal fans as he sings “you are my heart, you are my soul.” He raps in smooth rhythm about how he got his start and how his popularity grew with the help of his listeners. “I poured out my soul onto paper,” he says to his fans, “and you accepted it.”

Tech N9ne’s independence and creativity in the hip-hop industry has allowed him to shape rap as we know it with each and every album he releases. Fans will be happy to know that All 6’s and 7’s is no exception, as they can expect groundbreaking lyrical prowess and high energy in each track.  

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