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An Open Letter To The San Jose Sharks

Sara Ramsey |
May 24, 2011 | 12:58 p.m. PDT

Associate Sports Editor

Antti Niemi and Douglas Murray (Bridget Samuels via Creative Commons
Antti Niemi and Douglas Murray (Bridget Samuels via Creative Commons
Dear San Jose Sharks,

You’re the reason I started watching hockey. You’re the reason I fell in love with this sport and endure looks of confusion when I tell people I’d rather watch hockey than basketball. Being in the Shark Tank is a feeling unparalleled by any, especially during playoffs.

So, this is why I am writing you, to ask why you keep breaking my heart, year after year?

I know that you’re trying hard. You’ve made some changes and I really appreciate that. Todd McLellan was a great addition in 2008. Remember how we won the President's trophy that year– 53 wins and 117 points, both of which are franchise records? But then you let the eighth-seeded Anaheim Ducks take away that dream season. I’m still hearing about it from my Ducks fan friends (seriously guys, I got it).

You came back strong in 2009. I practically lost my voice cheering you on to victory against the Avalanche and Red Wings, but letting the Chicago Blackhawks just sweep you like that… I mean, we even had home ice advantage. It’s embarrassing.

I think that everyone can agree that the Sharks are a running joke in the NHL, as much as it pains me to say so. We are so good and every year just choke when it comes to the big show. This is supposed to be our year, though. Let’s run down the list:

-One of the most talented and highest producing rookies in the NHL, Logan Couture- Check

-A decent season, going 48-25-9 with 105 points and winning the Pacific Division title- Check

-A goalie, fresh off a Stanley Cup-winning season, Antti Niemi- Check

-The loudest arena in all the NHL and a 20th anniversary year (don’t forget about the XX on your sweaters!)- Check

-A massive, strong, goal-scoring top line and our own “Thor” in Douglas Murray (he even scares me a little)- Check

See guys, look at all the neat stuff we have. Now it's time to use it, get to to Stanley Cup Finals and bring home the trophy to San Jose. I know the Vancouver Canucks are a tough team but you can beat them. True, the Sedin brothers are pretty insane but as good as Roberto Luongo may be, he’s not unstoppable–before Game 4 he hadn’t won in HP Pavilion since April 2007. 

Just stop making so many mistakes. Five power plays and not a single goal, I mean, come on! To make matters worse, you let the Canucks just come back with three 5-on-3 goals in seven minutes. Do you realize how hard that is to watch as a fan, and on home ice?

It’s unfair to take us to the edge every season and just give up. You tease us, show us what it could be like to go to the main event, you work us up and whisper in our ears and then just walk away. Stop making us so….blue.

I know you have it in you. I know you are that good. You just need to want it as bad as we do.


Sara Ramsey


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