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Jerry Brown Eases Up On Tax Increases

Ryan Faughnder |
May 14, 2011 | 2:58 p.m. PDT

Senior News Editor

With an unexpected increase of tax revenue now on his hands, Gov. Jerry Brown has decided to reduce the tax hikes he originally sought to balance California's massive budget deficit, though not by much. The Los Angeles Times reported Brown will seek income tax increases for four years, rather than the five he originally had in mind. The tax hikes would go into effect in 2012. 

Jerry Brown (Creative Commons)
Jerry Brown (Creative Commons)

Brown will still increase sales taxes and vehicle licence fees, the Times reports. The increases are part of Brown's plan to close the $15 million budget deficit that remained even after the governor signed $11 million in cuts into law in March.

The influx of unexpected tax revenue, however, is not enough to spare the 70 state parks Brown proposed to close Friday. The parks that will be closed account for about a quarter of the parks in California. The Sacramento Bee reports that the closures are because of the $33 million in statewide cuts to the parks department, according to the Sac Bee:

Officials were directed to consider a number of factors in deciding which parks to close, including visitation rates, revenue generation, and their historic, cultural and natural significance. Logistical concerns played a role for parks that met other criteria but would have been physically impossible to close.

They said the methodology will allow them to retain 92 percent of the 65 million annual visitors to the state's parks as well as 94 percent of existing revenue.

As Neon Tommy's Kristie Hang reported in April, Los Angeles's state parks have already suffered because of budget cuts and the economy.

The Sacramento Bee has a slideshow of some of the parks that will be shuttered July 1, 2012.

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