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Why Derrick Rose Should Not Win MVP

Jovan Buha |
April 8, 2011 | 8:11 p.m. PDT

Staff Writer

Derrick Rose is not the best MVP candidate (Creative Commons).
Derrick Rose is not the best MVP candidate (Creative Commons).
Bulls Guard Derrick Rose is by far the favorite to win NBA MVP. But he shouldn't win it. Before the Rose fans have a mental breakdown, hear me out.

Rose is among the elite point guards in the league, boasting remarkable statistics of 25.1 points, 7.9 assists and 4.2 rebounds per game. Here’s the problem: Other than scoring and distributing the ball (possibly), what skill is he elite in?

Rose isn’t even the best point guard in the NBA. If you’re not the best at your respective position, how are you deserving of the Most Valuable Player award?

There is no doubt the man can score. He leads point guards in scoring and is amongst the top ten in the NBA. But how efficient is he in scoring? Well, his .441 field goal percentage is good for 15th amongst point guards, and his .334 three-point percentage ranks 28th amongst his competition.

Rose does rank in the top ten among PGs in several categories, though: Field goal makes/attempts, three-point makes/attempts, free throw-makes/attempts, rebounds (actually impressive), blocks, double-doubles and assists.

That’s actually an impressive list, except for one major trend: shots. Rose has attempted over 200 more shots than any other point guard. With that many shot attempts, it's almost inevitable he will make more than anyone else.

The same goes for three-pointers. He has attempted more threes than the likes of sharpshooters Steve Nash and Stephen Curry. Rose will never, ever, be better than either of those players at three-pointers, yet he still jacks up about five per game (over six per game during the past month).

What about Player Efficiency Rating, a statistical measure that focuses on the offensive side of basketball more than the defensive? Rose just moved up, and ranks 2nd amongst point men (unsurprisingly, he has ranked as low as 4th for most of season), and is 7th-best overall (though he has been outside of top ten for most of the season.)

Over the past ten seasons, every MVP has been within the top seven in PER, except for three odd cases (Allen Iverson ’01 and Steve Nash ’05, ’06). These three MVP seasons have been highly debated -- labeled as seasons that Shaquille O’Neal, Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant, respectively, should have won, as they were clearly the best players at the time.

In fact, check Rose’s numbers this season and Iverson’s numbers in his 2000-01 MVP season. They are nearly identical. This is no knock on Iverson, but he was not a true MVP. The fact the 76ers were competitive boosted his value, yet that shouldn’t matter. The MVP is about who’s the best player.

For those who claim PER favors big men, why have LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul and Kevin Durant been amongst the league leaders the past few seasons? They’re all versatile, efficient players who are elite in multiple categories and have an impact on both sides of the basketball court.

For example, take LeBron James or Dwight Howard (the two other leading MVP candidates). Each is clearly the best player at their position. Can you say Rose is clearly better than Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Rajon Rondo or Russell Westbrook? No, and the statistics prove it.

Nonetheless, the Chicago Bulls are a heart-warming story. But to be honest, most of that resides on the additions of head coach Tom Thibodeau, Carlos Boozer and a deeper bench.

Coach Thibodeau is amongst the league leaders for the Coach of The Year award after implementing the league’s top defense in Chicago. He is a tough, no-nonsense type of guy, and his team has learned to play that way. Without him, this team would be a lot worse (at least 5-10 games worse, which would result in the 3-seed at best).

Forward Carlos Boozer, the main off-season addition, is another major contributor for Chicago. He has provided them with an average of 18 points and 9 rebounds when healthy, adding the low-post scoring, toughness, and additional rebounding they’ve always lacked.

How about their bench? With the likes of Ronnie Brewer, Kyle Korver, Taj Gibson, Omer Asik, Kurt Thomas and CJ Watson, the Bulls have one of the strongest and deepest benches in the NBA.

Statistically, the best defensive line-up in the NBA is Chicago’s bench lineup. Think about that. Their bench lineup plays better defense than the starting lineups in Chicago, Miami, Boston, Orlando, L.A., Dallas or Oklahoma City. Besides Coach Thibodeau, Chicago’s bench may be their biggest reason for success.

Let’s take a further look at Chicago as a whole. They are tied for 12th in offensive efficiency, and first in defensive efficiency. Clearly this team is much better at defense.

In addition, they average the 20th most points in the NBA, yet give up the second-least amount of points. They’re 16th in FG%, 13th in 3PT%, and 14th in points per shot. Basically, their offense is average at best.

Therefore, despite Rose "carrying" the Bulls' offense (last time I checked, Boozer and Deng are each averaging almost 20 points per game), it is their defense that is actually winning them games.

This is where Rose’s MVP argument ends. Of Chicago’s top-nine rotation players, Rose has the worst defensive +/-. For those who aren't familiar with the stat, Rose is statistically the 9th-best defender on the team. And looking at the numbers, there’s actually a major drop-off from the 8th-best defender and Rose.

You know who's the 8th-best defender and ahead of Rose? Carlos Boozer. Yes, Boozer, the 6’9 power forward who barely plays any defense whatsoever.

To recap, Rose "carries" a mediocre offense, and actually hurts a great defense. The ways the Bulls win (rebounding and defense – they lead the league in both) aren’t Rose’s strengths. Therefore, his impact is somewhat overrated. Is that MVP-worthy?

Despite what statistics say, Rose will probably still win MVP. This bandwagon has been developing since November, and has gained too much speed to be stopped. The Bulls will finish with the top record out East. But the race is not as clear-cut as some people think (last year’s LeBron James MVP award was clear-cut, for example.)

Rose is an amazing player. He has terrific speed and athleticism, and can finish at the rim among the best of them. He has a desire to win and improve on a game that’s matched by few (only Kobe Bryant has a better work ethic, in my opinion.) Rose also dazzles the crowd every night. One night he’ll pull off a spectacular cross-over; the next, an in-your-face dunk. He's a walking highlight reel, and the fans love it.

But the criteria people use to decide the MVP tend to go as follows: Is he the league's best player? (No, LeBron James is). Is he the most important to his team? (No, Dwight Howard, Dirk Nowitzki and Chris Paul are all more important to their respective teams). Is he the best player on the best team? (No, Kobe Bryant is). Basically, Rose doesn’t pass any of the necessary criteria. To be honest, he’s not even a top-five overall player.

In addition, it’s not like Rose will never have another chance to be MVP. He has the next ten years or so to compete for the award. Let’s give him a chance to further develop into the league’s clear-cut best player, if he ever does.

If he’s your MVP choice, so be it. The mistake has been made before, anointing two previous point guards who shouldn’t have received their MVPs. All I'm saying is take a long, hard look, and evaluate the MVP race from all angles. You’ll find there are other players (specifically Dwight Howard or LeBron James) who are more deserving of the award.



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Anonymous (not verified) on April 9, 2011 10:24 AM

Sadly, youre wrong.
Rose is, statistically the best pg in the NBA in pts allowed per possession

Anonymous (not verified) on April 9, 2011 8:39 AM


Anonymous (not verified) on April 9, 2011 7:47 AM

Another dumbass geek, analyzing statistics when WINS is all that matter in the NBA. He said it himself, he doesnt care about statistics or shot selection, along as the teams wins. Only people who cant hit a consistent layup will agree with your dumbass article. Go make a post about stats in the MLB n maybe you'll have some more support Jovan smh

Anonymous (not verified) on April 10, 2011 4:54 PM

pretty sure the playoffs are all that count right? so you shoul probably retaract your input. BTW hes right derrick rose averages 1 more point then dwight howard and dwight also averages 14 boards and has does not have the press on his jock( he is actually antagonized and gone after by refs) by the way check roses foul shots per game (shocking how low they are) atleats dwight can putthe other team in foul trouble and play defense as well as offense. lastly dwight has a far worse team full of role players and no perimeter defenders. rose and noah switched with jamear and dwight especially in that joke of a conference and dwight finnally playing wit a capable pf, 70 wins?

Anonymous (not verified) on April 9, 2011 6:50 AM

Here is proof that Rose equates more favorably to Kobe than Iverson...

Anonymous (not verified) on April 9, 2011 6:49 AM

Hey stat dork why couldnt lebron beat rose once in three tries this year. Chicago is in first by four games. Lol

Anonymous (not verified) on May 26, 2011 8:54 PM

dude the bulls are not better then the heat they won 4-1 over the bulls and lebron durant kobe chris pau and others are all better then rose

Anonymous (not verified) on April 9, 2011 6:45 AM

There is a bunch of Sports Analyst that have already annointed Rose as the MVP not because of his stats,but because of his leadership,late game heroics,and overall domination of the game.I agree with what a previous comment was ,"stats arent what makes a MVP" .Remember,we are talking about "MOST VALUABLE" , not who the best player is , that is why steve nash won it twice even though kobe was the best player.In reality , NO team in the NBA(if you actually watch the bulls games)can stop derrick rose , they dont have a answer , play after play he continues to get where he wants and break the defense. What is key about Rose is that he understands he gains more success when he gets his teammates alone.Unlike Lebron James who tried to do it all himself , Derrick Rose Makes his team better and thats what VALUABLE is. Yes ,D12 is the most dominant big man in the league,he is a beast. Where has the delivered or carried the team to be past 4th in the Eastern conference?.In some ways you can shut down Howard.What makes Rose difficult ,is that you give him space he can shoot long range , or you play him close one-on-one he will drive past you.
Overall , he is averaging just about the same PPG as Bryant,Wade,James(+/- about 1 ppg).You just have to watch this kid play , its more than numbers but like whodini with magic.I copied and pasted this from the NBA MVP race article , and it says"When a numbers fetishist claims that Rose's performance in 2010-11 ranks no higher than sixth place on a five-slot ballot, that person is imagining some other, non-existent award."