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Weekly Wonderings - What Does LeBron's Mom Have Against Valets?

Mike Green |
April 8, 2011 | 1:05 a.m. PDT

Staff Writer

LeBron James clearly isn't happy about the allegations his mom attacked a valet.
LeBron James clearly isn't happy about the allegations his mom attacked a valet.

• LeBron James’ mother was arrested by Miami Beach police for assaulting a hotel valet who was allegedly taking too long to deliver her car. Authorities say the attack was almost as bad as the beating that Cleveland handed Miami last week. 
• At 0-6, the Boston Red Sox are off to one of their worst starts in franchise history. The team hasn't suffered this much embarrassment since Fever Pitch hit theaters.  

• Dennis Rodman, Arvydas Sabonis and Chris Mullin will headline the 2011 NBA Hall of Fame class. Rodman hasn’t had such a random cast of co-stars since he was in Double Team.

• New York Giants owner John Mara’s attempt to escape jury duty was shot down in court, partially because the judge knew that Mara owned a law degree from Fordham University. This marks the second time in three years that passing the bar has spelled bad news for a member of the New York Giants.

• Morris twins – Marcus and Markieff – will forego their senior seasons at the University of Kansas to enter the NBA draft. The Morris brothers are both projected as mid-first round picks, largely because NBA scouts can’t tell them apart. 

• Massage therapists Shannon O’Toole and Christina Scavo have filed a lawsuit against the New York Jets, accusing former quarterback Brett Favre of sending inappropriate text messages after the team switched massage companies. Favre also found himself in hot water last season for allegedly sending lewd text messages to former Jets reporter Jenn Sterger. In light of the most recent allegations, authorities have also made Favre the No. 1 suspect in the USC roof sex scandal.
• Toronto Blue Jays president Paul Beeston stated that he wants to bring baseball back to Montreal by having his team play a game there. The city of Montreal, however, maintains that it has already suffered enough after being forced to watch the Expos for more than 30 years. 

• Duke point guard Kyrie Irving has decided to leave for the NBA after just one year in college. There was hope that Irving would return to school for another season, but, much like his team’s 2011 tournament performance, the dream was short-lived and ultimately disappointed fans.

• Baltimore Ravens receiver Derrick Mason called Roger Goodell “a joke” in response to the NFL commissioner’s call for HGH testing. Although sources attributed Mason’s outburst to frustration over the NFL labor dispute, teammates say the veteran receiver was cranky over missing the early bird special at Applebee’s that morning.

• UConn dismantled Butler on Monday to win the NCAA basketball championship. The Huskies beat the Bulldogs so bad a group of investigators were sent to question Michael Vick.

• The Tennessee Titans have settled their lawsuit with USC that stemmed from Lane Kiffin hiring away one of the team’s assistant coaches. Details of the settlement were private, but it is believed that a major part of the deal involved USC agreeing to take custody of Vince Young.

• Washington Capitals defenseman Mike Green is expected to return to the team’s lineup this weekend after being sidelined with a concussion since February. Just for the record, nobody made this big of a deal when a certain Neon Tommy sports columnist with the same name returned from a one-week trip to Cancun.

• Exciting news out of Tracy, Calif.: Two West High seniors will be honored with the Sac-Joaquin Section A. Dale Lacky – California School Employees Association scholar-athlete award. The enormity of the award’s name is only matched by the tremendous accomplishments of its recipients: Gabriella Herrera and Jacob Peterson. 

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