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California Senate Considers Innovative Education Bill

Hannah Madans |
April 5, 2011 | 3:56 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

California State Senator Curren Price (courtesy of Creative Commons)
California State Senator Curren Price (courtesy of Creative Commons)
A California Senate committee is expected to vote on Senate Bill 789 on Wednesday, which if passed would create the Advisory Committee on Creative and Innovative Education. The Committee would develop an Index of Creative and Innovative Education and would make recommendations to the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Under the bill, the governor, the president pro tempore of the senate and the speaker of the assembly would have to appoint 13 members to the Advisory Committee on Creative and Innovative Education by April 1, 2012. The Committee members would have to be experts in innovation “in specified fields, and to reflect a diverse, creative workforce, as specified,” Around the Capital said.

Members of the committee would have to submit a report by June 1, 2013 to the Superintendent detailing funding and a program index.

The index would provide California schools with the opportunity to share their progress in teaching and fostering creativity.

“As we have moved into an economy driven by ideas and innovation, our schools must respond by providing all our students with the opportunity to develop creative skills,” according to a statement by the California Alliance for Arts Education. “The scores of individual schools and districts would be published, establishing incentives for schools to promote an overall environment that fosters creativity and innovation through visual and performing arts, science, humanities and other educational opportunities.”

Law currently sets a course study for grades 1-12. The course study includes visual and performing arts.

Existing laws also include study of applied arts in grades 7-12.

California State Sen. Curren Price (D) sponsored the bill, and a simple majority is all that is necessary for the bill to pass.

It will be discussed tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. and will be televised.

View the bill here.

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