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Lost in the Fine Print: The Top 5 Lesser-Known Coachella Bands

Lydia O'Connor |
April 14, 2011 | 2:22 a.m. PDT

Staff Writer

Coachella runs April 15-17 (Creative Commons)
Coachella runs April 15-17 (Creative Commons)
The Joy Formidable

There is no better setting for this feisty British trio to perform at than Coachella. Their intensely upbeat, spirited rock begs for a crowd that wants to dance and lose themselves under a relentlessly beaming sun. Catch The Joy Formidable on Saturday, 12:55–1:35 in the Gobi tent.

Freelance Whales

How can you say no to banjos and xylophones? Freelance Whales has them both, and with that and their Brooklyn charm under their belt, they’re sure to churn out some feel-good vibes this weekend. It’s the kind of music you wouldn’t mind having on the soundtrack to your life as a movie. Don’t miss Freelance Whales on Saturday, 2:10–2:50 in the Mojave tent.

Angus and Julia Stone

Don’t be ashamed of wanting to take a breather from the crowded Coachella insanity — let this Australian brother-sister pair comfort you with a lullaby or two of sorts while you give the dancing a break and embrace a sway to their rich, natural sound. Your body will thank you. See Angus and Julia Stone on Sunday, 3:50–4:35 in the Gobi tent.


Their name really says it all. Full of na na nas and overflowing with bubbly, unabashed pop-synth sounds, their music asks its listeners to embrace the lighthearted, escapist theme of Coachella weekend and forget about disregard you left behind. Have fun with Fun on Sunday, 2:25–3:10 at the Outdoor theater. 


With each member of this Portland band sharing equal singing duties and no particular instrument assignment, Menomena’s unique approach to creating music is reflected by their quirky, relaxing and rustic sound. Full of surprises, Menomena is one to catch on Sunday, 1:20 – 2:00 at the Outdoor theater.


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