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L.A. Today: Gas, Dodgers, And More

Andrew Khouri |
April 22, 2011 | 12:37 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter


Update 1:11pm: Metro released its final studies on the proposed rapid bus lanes on Wilshire Boulevard today. Metro studied several options including removing the entire Westside from the project, an option that Councilman Bill Rosendahl has pushed for. Streetsblog Los Angeles reports that when the project is scaled down so does the time bus riders would save. The Metro board will take up the issue at its May meeting.

If Frank McCourt decides to challenge the league’s takeover of the Dodgers, he’ll have a long road ahead of him, the L.A. Times reports. As the Times writes in its lede: “In Major League Baseball, the commissioner swings the big bat.”

Minus the president’s swing through Los Angeles, has anyone noticed the absence of heavy traffic lately? The Associated Press reports Americans have cut back on road travel because of gas prices. Prices are $4.21 per gallon on average in California, and it’s not even summer.

Stars? What are those? Angelenos can't see many due to L.A.'s bright city lights, but KCET gives us a reminder of what we are missing, and how we can retain the meager beauty we still have.

In a completely bizarre story, Sheriff Deputies have become the city’s debt collectors. Deputies are stationed around the clock at a Koreatown hotel to collect its unpaid taxes, the L.A. Times says. So far they have collected $40,000.

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