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Did Biden Fall Asleep During Obama's Deficit Speech?

Tracy Bloom |
April 13, 2011 | 8:38 p.m. PDT

Executive Producer

Was Vice President Joe Biden catching a few winks while President Obama outlined his deficit reduction plan Wednesday afternoon, or was he deep in thought?

Obama was giving a major speech at George Washington University when camera's caught the vice president with his eyes shut for about 30 seconds. The president was discussing Medicare at the time it appears Biden may have nodded off.

The video was first posted by the ABC News political blog "The Note", leading to speculation that Biden had fallen asleep during what will surely be one of President Obama's most important speeches of the year.

At least one person had a different take on the situation, however. Fox News analyst and potential 2012 GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee came up with this conclusion: the vice president was praying.

Huckabee, who was critical of the President's plan said later in the afternoon on Glenn Beck's Fox News program: “He was praying that nobody will find out just how disingenuous they are about actually cutting the expenses and hoping and praying that the American people don’t catch on to the games that they’re trying to hoist upon us." 

So what do you think? Was Joe Biden nodding off, deep in thought, or praying? Watch the video and decide for yourself.


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Anonymous (not verified) on April 14, 2011 6:46 AM

I think this is worthless information and just another ridiculous tactic by republicans and cynical critics to discredit. Who cares if he closed his eyes, if he nodded off... He's already heard the speech and was probably up all night brainstorming and tweeking with the president. Really... that's what's important to you.. Come on Get a clue. How many times have you fell asleep in church? Where is the clip of the opposing parties supporters texting during debates... Who really cares... I guess its the same people who cry because Lady Gaga has some religious connotations in a video... Really... How important is that?... That's why the common people focus on ridiculous petty stuff... because of systematic brainwashing regarding our American Priorities.. God I hope I don't have any grammatical errors or my message will get lost in the criticism of that. Point made!

kachonka (not verified) on April 14, 2011 5:26 AM

There were three people sleeping in that video. Look to Biden's right side behind him and left back

Anonymous (not verified) on April 14, 2011 3:41 AM

He may have dozed off. Unfortunately the human body demands sleep when it is tired. It happens to all of us when we are forced to slow down for a few seconds. I have fought sleep in darkened conference rooms while some one showed a slide show, At my desk in the late afternoon, in the doctor's waiting room.Americans do not get enough sleep and the body will force it on you if you ignore the need.Just Google bush falls asleep and huckabee would see that it happens to his side all the time too! The real question IS, if it is a common occurrence, is it news worthy??? Remember the man bites dog rule?