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Daily Hollywood – Angelina Jolie Intrigues, Meredith Vieira Leaves, And More

Lilian Min |
April 6, 2011 | 12:42 a.m. PDT

Associate Entertainment Editor

Netflix just bought the right to stream “Mad Men”; now fans can relive the series while waiting for season 5 to begin next year (read more at The Wrap).

Angelina Jolie gets a new tattoo, and as with everything she does, everybody’s wondering what its significance is (read more at People).

First Katie Couric, now Meredith Vieira? The “Today” host might be leaving the show (read more at The Hollywood Reporter).

Miley Cyrus might be back together with her “The Last Song” co-star (read more at PopEater).

The special guests for “The Office” finale are out (read who they are at EW).


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