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Top Storylines Leading Up to the Sweet 16

Sara Ramsey, Jessica Benson |
March 24, 2011 | 2:53 p.m. PDT


SDSU's "The Show"
SDSU's "The Show"

The Many Faces of SDSU Basketball

SDSU is a new addition among the teams in March Madness but they aren’t the only new face in the crowd. In fact, the Aztec’s brought with them a bevy of B-list celebrities to distract and confuse opponents shooting free throws.

“The Show,” as SDSU Basketball fans are referred, have set themselves apart from other student cheering sections by holding up cardboard cut-outs from the likes of Michael Jackson, Bradley Cooper, Donald Trump, Emilio Estevez and Kim Jong Il.

The rowdy antics may not guarantee San Diego State a spot in the Elite Eight but it sure does make its journey there a little more exciting. The Aztecs will face UCONN on March 24.

Big East=Big Bust

The Big East Conference began this year’s tournament with 11 teams vying for the championship. Now, only two remain going into the upcoming Sweet 16 weekend, No. 3 seeded UCONN and No. 11 Marquette.  Louisville, Pittsburg, Georgetown, Notre Dame, St. John’s, Villanova, Cincinnati, and Syracuse have all lost.  While the Big East received the most bids of any conference, that also means they have had the most losses of any conference.  Big East fans can look at the glass half full.  Big East haters can claim the conference was overhyped and overrated.  

The Best and Worst Mascots of the Sweet 16 Teams:


The Butler Bulldog vs. The Duke Blue Devil

Winner: The Butler Bulldog

Just like last years fantastic Final Four Championship Game battle, Duke and Butler battle it out for the best mascot in this year’s Sweet 16.  However, in this matchup Butler comes out on top.  While Butler’s real-life, English Bulldog, Blue II, isn’t allowed to represent the team on site during the regional games, his costumed counterpart still does the job well.  From his menacing fangs to his blinged-out Butler “B” chain necklace, this mascot is the one to beat in this year’s tournament.

(Note: Blue II was allowed to accompany Butler to last year’s Final Four in Indianapolis.  It has been discussed that should Butler make it to Houston this year, Blue II will be attending.)


Richmond Spiders vs. Wisconin Badgers

Winner: The Richmond Spider

The Wisconsin Badger may not put fear into the hearts of its competition, but the Richmond Spider is in a league of its own.  The Spider does a better job of making fans laugh than scaring opposing teams.  Not only does he sport a creepily, friendly grin, but the Spider only has two arms and two legs.  Last time I checked, a spider has 8 arms (or legs depending on which way you look at it).  That makes this mascot just a bug.  And really, what’s intriguing, intimidating, or exciting about watching a bug dance around in a cape?  Richmond would be better off being represented by Spider Man.  Too bad Spidey was busy falling off the Broadway Stage to represent Richmond in this year’s tournament.



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