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L.A. Today: Geese, AEG, And More

Andrew Khouri |
March 4, 2011 | 2:36 a.m. PST

Staff Reporter

How much does $113 million in stimulus funding get you? 67 jobs if you’re the DWP, according to an audit by the city controller. Read the Daily News’ story here. 

  • AEG got some tough questions yesterday from Councilman Bill Rosendahl over its proposed stadium downtown. The councilman wants to ensure the stadium proposal will attract major business events as AEG has promised, the L.A. Times reports.
  • The Daily News takes a look at Los Angeles’ outdoor dining smoking ban, which goes into effect Tuesday. 
  • The Los Angeles City Council is once again scheduled today to discuss taking in $930 million in redevelopment funds in an attempt to blunt Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to eliminate redevelopment agencies. Will they tackle this issue? The council has repeatedly pushed their decision to a later date.
  • And finally, in perhaps the most shocking news of the day: Maria is a Mario!  The Echo Park goose, or shall we say gander, that captured the hearts of the media is actually a male, the L.A. Times says. Maria, errr Mario, has taken up residence at the L.A. Zoo for safe keeping.

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