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"Jersey Shore" - Gym, Tan, Find Out Who Sammi Is Texting...

Camille Massey |
March 11, 2011 | 12:05 a.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Sam and Ron (Jersey Shore)
Sam and Ron (Jersey Shore)
Season 3, Episode 11: Gym, Tan, Find Out Who Sammi Is Texting

Snooki said it best, “I thought Sam was done with Ron. Here we go again!” (Sigh)

After a drunken, make-out session at Karma and romantic stroll down the boardwalk, Volcanoe Ronammi erupts yet again, this time leaving a guilty/emotional Sam to fend for herself.

A BBM conversation between Sammi and her so-called “friend” Arvin starts drama at Karma and all the gloves come off. 1,2,3, ding ding ding! Sam vs. Ron and Sam vs. the Situation.

When Arvin tells Mike that Sammi has been texting him about meeting up with him at Karma, Mike sticks to bro code and airs Sam’s dirty laundry to JWow and Snooki. Add Ron into the equation, and Sammi has a real situation on her hands.

Unable to convince Ron that Arvin is just a friend, Ronammi once again find themselves in another heated argument driving the rest of the roommates insane.

Enough of that. What would an episode of Jersey Shore be without all the madness and fun?

JWow falsely accuses her boy toy Roger of “doing the dip” with a female passenger in his car while on her way home from the tanning salon with the other roommates.

Also, an all out water balloon war breaks out in the house, Vinny and Pauly strengthen their bromance by taking a trip for two to Staten Island, Snooki brings home a Pauly D look-a-like who doctors to her every need, and Vinny gets a few shades darker.

Rants, Raves, and Predictions:

Just when we thought it was all clear, they’re backkk! Ticking time bomb couple Ronammi can’t be any more annoying or predictable in this episode. Their make up to break up relationship within the span of a day is beyond destructive and frankly needs to end.

Sammi, go back home!

I applaud Mike for airing Sam’s dirty laundry to the rest of the house and outing her for messing around with another guy…what a hypocrit!

But, once again, I can’t stand him for feeding the puppies' human food and letting them use the entire house as their bathroom without cleaning it up—who does that?

Also, I think more of Vinny and Pauly's bromance needs to be captured. I love those two!

Next Week:

Find out what really happened between Sam and Arvin and the Snooki-Vinny saga continues.

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