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City Oil Drilling Tax Measure O Drowning In Opposition Money

Olga Khazan |
March 5, 2011 | 3:08 p.m. PST

Annenberg News21

 Olga Khazan
Olga Khazan
This story is part of an ongoing special series produced by USC Annenberg News21 in partnership with KCET's SoCal Connected. Ten new media reporters explore the intersection of Big Money and Poltiics from L.A. City Hall to Sacramento to Washington D.C.  -- + --

The L.A. City Council is looking to make a quick $4 million by imposing new taxes, and they seem to have found a relatively easy target to pin them on: the much-maligned oil industry.

After all, who would support the same industry that brought us the BP oil spill? Not just the wealthy oil companies, it turns out, but also a surprising coalition of small minority organizations.

A formidable coalition of oil producers and chambers of commerce has formed in opposition to the measure, raising more than 33 times as much as supporters — $400,000 compared to only $11,500, according to the City Ethics Commission.

Read the rest of the story here on the Under The Influence site co-prodcued by USC Annenberg News21 and KCET's SoCal Connected.



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