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Bethenny Frankel Is Bravo’s Superstar

Mike Vulpo |
March 17, 2011 | 11:05 a.m. PDT

Associate Entertainment Editor

Bethenny Frankel shines on "Bethenny Ever After" (courtesy of Bravo TV)
Bethenny Frankel shines on "Bethenny Ever After" (courtesy of Bravo TV)
Filming a successful reality show, maintaining a healthy marriage and raising a newborn baby is more than enough for any woman. Add the desire to grow a thriving business empire and you get the life of Bethenny Frankel.

One of Bravo’s original New York Housewives, Frankel was introduced in 2008 as the only single woman in the group. She was an independent woman struggling to make ends meet and find that perfect life partner.

After making quite the impression on fans through her witty remarks and sharp one-liners such as “Holly inappropriateness,” Frankel was given her own show titled “Bethenny Getting Married?” After its huge success, (the first episode was the highest-rated series premiere ever on Bravo) Frankel left the craziness of the “Real Housewives of New York City” and continued with a second season now titled “Bethenny Ever After.” 

Bravo has profiled more than enough “Real Housewives” across America.  Nonetheless, it isn’t surprising that Frankel has been able to succeed outside of the popular franchise. Almost everything is open for discussion in her show. Getting married in front of the cameras? Not a biggie. Giving birth on TV?  No problem. Frankel has nothing to hide and wants her fans to get to know her reality. “I’m the queen of too much information,” Frankel once admitted to People Magazine.

Frankel isn’t the only star of her Bravo show. Husband Jason Hoppy shines as the successful businessman willing to help Frankel expand her popular SkinnyGirl Margarita brand. Julie Plake is Frankel’s assistant who doesn’t need praise and attention from her boss to stay motivated. Finally, Nurse Gina treats baby Bryn like a second mother. She’s so great, Frankel doesn’t want her to move out of her tiny apartment.

After only three episodes, viewers have been given a taste of the hectic life Frankel continues to endure. Family affairs have been a popular topic of discussion. Hoppy wants daughter Bryn to see his parents every two weeks but Frankel isn’t having it. On the business side, Frankel had to buckle-down and send assistant Max packing after crossing the line at a party. In addition, the New York Times bestselling author will soon begin her stint on “Skating With The Stars” away from home in Los Angeles.

Frankel’s success makes it clear that drama isn’t the only ingredient necessary for a successful reality show. Real struggles, winning personalities and one unpredictable lifestyle combine to make “Bethenny Ever After” one of Bravo’s most realistic series.



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