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Madison’s Juicy Sports Stories, Featuring Manny Pacquiao's Bieber Fever

Madison Besser |
February 16, 2011 | 2:04 a.m. PST

Staff Writer

Manny Pacquiao is a great boxer with Justin Bieber. (Creative Commons)
Manny Pacquiao is a great boxer with Justin Bieber. (Creative Commons)
1. For all of us who religiously watch “Pardon the Interruption,” it was such a treat to see Justin Bieber, I mean Manny Pacquiao, on the program.

Pacquiao might be the best boxer out there, but he clearly suffers from Bieber fever. Has anyone seen his new hairdo? Pac Man is truly embracing his inner and outer Bieber; he has even released two albums showcasing his singing.

Unlike the chicken pox, you can never be too old for Bieber fever.

2. Apparently Kobe Bryant is bringing us a Gilbert Arenas halftime show.

Bryant was handed a mysterious package, which Terez Owens alleges were paternity papers. Apparently “right around the time Tiger Woods was involved in his whole affair mess, a girl Kobe was mixed up with earlier in the year gave birth to his ‘alleged’ child…Kobe paid for her to live in Italy for the last year. She’s returned to the States and is now seeking legal rights.”

I bleed purple and gold and am choosing not to believe this. But if it is true, you better believe Vanessa is in for another ring, or should I call it the “Kobe Special.”

3. The consensus No. 1 recruit Jadeveon Clowney was without a doubt one of the most exciting recruits in the country. He was pursued by just about every school in the country for his freakish athleticism at 6-foot-6, 250 pounds.

The South Carolina product chose to wait almost two weeks after National Signing Day to announce he will be a South Carolina Gamecock on Valentine's Day, which is also his birthday.

A recent New York Times report claims that Clowney’s grades could be a problem, thus putting his eligibility in question. Although it is unlikely that Clowney will miss out on SEC ball, the NYT cites two sources that have access to his transcript, one of which said he saw “a lot of D’s on there.”

Clowney does have knowledge of his potential academic issues but is said to be confident it will not be a problem. Here’s to wishing Clowney a great career at South Carolina, and success in the classroom.

4. LeBron James has received a huge amount of hate this year for heading to South Beach to run with former USA teammates Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. It seemed to finally come to a pinnacle last week when the Heat took on the Detroit Pistons. A fan close to the court was heckling James about his mother and Delonte West.

The rumor about LeBron’s former teammate and his mom came out during the playoffs last year right before the Cavs bowed out to the Celtics. With his two young sons sitting courtside, LeBron told the taunting fan not to be disrespectful. According to the Sun Sentential, LeBron told the fan, “I don’t care what you say to me. I don’t give a f*$% what you say, but don’t be disrespectful.”

One might call it ironic that LeBron told the fan to be respectful, while cursing at him, which sort of defeats the purpose.

I am no fan of Miami and “The Big Three,” but whatever the case may be, have a little respect. There is a fine line between heckling about one’s play and heckling James about his family. Just because these guys are athletes, doesn’t mean you have carte blanche to say whatever you want when you're protected by being in the stands.

I doubt that fan would have said anything if not for the security guards standing between his seat and LeBron.

5. From the Trump Towers in New York City to his hairpiece, New York loves “The Donald.” According to the New York Times, the Queens native has been in talks with Mets owner Fred Wilpon about possibly buying a portion of the New York franchise.

Wilpon has gone on record saying he only wants to sell minority shares, but apparently Trump is only interested in purchasing a majority stake in the team. Normally this would squash the deal, but the Mets could be in play because of a lawsuit against the Wilpon family for as much as $1 billion over their dealings with Bernie Madoff.

The chances of Trump actually acquiring the club are unknown, but who wouldn’t love to see Trump doing a Mets themed "Apprentice" show.

If he were to take over, I wonder if he could resist telling current manger Terry Collins, “You’re Fired.”


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She would like to thank Jake Rosenblatt for his help with this piece.



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