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LAUSD Helps Schools Turn Parking Lots Into Gardens

Lisa Rau |
February 7, 2011 | 7:54 p.m. PST


If parking is one of Los Angeles's biggest headaches, then why are some activists ripping out the parking lots from their children's schools?

Volunteers at Micheltorena Street Elementary School in Silver Lake, Calif., have spent Saturday afternoons remodeling the campus parking lot into a mini farm.

Down with vending machines. Up with fresh produce!

Check it out:

Griffith Park Neighborhood Council member Tomas O'Grady took a few moments to explain exactly how the group convinced LAUSD to give up the parking lot for the initiative, which began at Thomas Starr King Middle School:

O'Grady is running for Los Angeles City Council. He gave a small speech to the volunteer group at the end of the day, after about six hours of powersawing, setting and drilling together 2x6 boards.

Please note: Refraining from gardening puns in this article is a feat worth noting.

An earlier version of this content was originally published on Square Syndrome.

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