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Egyptians Converge En Masse On Tahrir Square For Mubarak Speech

Kevin Douglas Grant |
February 10, 2011 | 10:08 a.m. PST

Executive Editor

See our latest updates on the anger sweeping Egypt after Mubarak refused to step down.

Tahrir Square, aka Liberation Square, has been the epicenter of the Egyptian uprising since it began Jan. 25.

It may reach a tipping point there tonight, Feb. 10.  President Hosni Mubarak will reportedly speak from the Presidential Palace at 20.00 GMT (noon PST) and announce a transfer of power.  

Egyptians are flocking to Tahrir to celebrate a perceived victory and hear exactly what the future holds for Egypt.  Many in the crowd say that Mubarak's departure alone will not satisfy them, and will stay as long as necessary.  

Al Jazeera English reported that the devoted opposition demands a full turnover of the government, including VP Omar Suleiman and the entire state apparatus.  They have proposed an interim ruling coalition to see the country through any "vacuum of power" that could emerge in the absence of new leading party. 

Many fear a military dictatorship in place of the Mubarak regime.

Mubarak's resignation would still be welcome news, however.  Heba Elkayal, an editor at the International Herald Tribune based in Cairo, wrote:

"If Mubarak really does step down today,#tahrir is going to resemble Mardi Gras w/o the beads."

CBS News reported that Egyptian soldiers were seen laying down arms and joining the crowd in Tahrir Square.  Live recordings showed unbridled jubilation, drumbeats, whistling and chanting.



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