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Gossip Girl Succumbs To Unthinkable Love Plot

Tess Goodwin |
January 24, 2011 | 10:43 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Gossip Girl (Creative Commons)
Gossip Girl (Creative Commons)
The CW’s hit show “Gossip Girl” is back, and after nearly a two month long hiatus, it returns with secrets, secrets, and something not so secret...the sexual tension between Dan and Blair.

The episode is mostly more of the same with Serena leading Dan on while thinking of someone else, Blair trying to get ahead in her career by betraying anyone who stands in her way, and Chuck trying to save his business even if it means sleeping with the daughter and vice president of the man who wants to buy his company and chop it up. 

But the episode is not all predictable. The most unlikely and interesting pairing of Dan and Blair as allies makes the show seem fresh. The percolating sexualtension between them is impossible to ignore. Always sworn enemies, one could never see the “Queen Bee” and “Humphrey from Brooklyn” ever seeing a film together, much less getting tea. Of course, those activities are kept secret from the world, but why keep a secret unless there are feelings involved?

“You’re an evil dictator of taste,” says Dan as the pair exchange cute witty banter while still denying they are friends. One can see the development of their soon to be affair as Blair opens up to him about problems with her mother and he inspires her to pursue a career in a field she truly loves: fashion. After making up with her mother, her future career suddenly becomes clear and she decides to aspire to be an editor of a high fashion magazine.

After the Juliet/Ben/Serena/Lily affair exploding in everyone’s faces in the beginning of the season, Lilly finally tries to clean up her mess. Finally the truth is revealed that she was trying to help Bass industries by selling it to a private dealer, but the deal shortly fell through with much thanks to Serena causing a scene at a swanky party, yet again. 

It’s no surprise that Serena is again not thinking about school, Dan, or her family, but yet another man. This time, it’s Ben, the only man that ever denied her. While it might be a bit unbelievable that he could completely forgive her for putting him in a a compromising position in the first place - and let’s not forget her mother putting him in jail - maybe it's the relationship that will stick.

Sides are taken as the acquisition of Bass industries gets personal with Nate’s father being employed by the powerful Thorbes company that seeks its revenge against the late Mr. Bass. 

The plot thickens, just as it always does, and Serena is annoying, predictable and unreliable, just as she always is. Thank God Blair and Dan have each other.

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