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FBI Investigates "Domestic Terrorism" in Spokane

Christine Detz |
January 19, 2011 | 10:09 a.m. PST

Associate News Editor


Spokane Skyline (Courtesy Creative Commons)
Spokane Skyline (Courtesy Creative Commons)
Authorities in Spokane continue to investigate what the FBI is calling a case of “domestic terrorism” after an explosive device was found along a parade route honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Day in this pacific northwest city on Monday.

Police were alerted to a backpack that was left on a bench and a bomb disposal unit was called in to investigate.  The FBI confirmed on Tuesday that the device was “likely capable of inflicting multiple casualties.”

No arrests have been made and there is no official motive, though officials do not believe the timing and placement of the device were random. “Clearly, there was some sort of political or social agenda here,” Special Agent Frank Harrill told the Associated Press.

This is the second time an explosive device was discovered in downtown Spokane.  Officials found a device outside the Thomas S. Foley U.S. Courthouse in March.  No one has been arrested in that incident and it is unclear if Monday’s device is related to that case.

Streets were closed in downtown Spokane Wednesday morning while authorities investigated a suspicious suitcase.  KHQ.com reports the suitcase contained clothes and no explosive device was found.



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