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Clooney Films Sudan

Natalie Tkalcevic |
January 11, 2011 | 10:04 p.m. PST


George Clooney has been named PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive more than once. But the actor shows he's more than just a pretty face.  (Creative Commons)
George Clooney has been named PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive more than once. But the actor shows he's more than just a pretty face. (Creative Commons)
George Clooney is more than just a pretty face. The man who has graced the face of PEOPLE's"Most Beautiful" has tirelessly used his fame to help others less fortunate, most recently aiding those whose lives are under attack in Sudan.

A recent article by Rebecca Keegan for the Los Angeles Times shared details about Clooney's organization, Not on Our Watch, which also involves other A-List celebrities like Brad Pitt and Matt Damon.

The idea? To watch the border between northern and southern Sudan with satellites in an attempt to prevent genocide. In simpler words, a project that tapes (think Google Earth) the activity in Sudan.

As a girl aspiring to be a humanitarian, I have always believed that in order to make a difference, you have to use your talents. Clooney exemplifies these ideals with his actions.

For once, there is a benefit to an invasive concept like Google Earth because by keeping the cameras on Sudan, as Clooney aims to do, documentation of crimes against humanity in Sudan have the potential to be well-documented. Further, the camera can prove to be a deterrent that can possibly lead us one step closer to achieving greater peace. In her article, Keegan remarks that keeping the cameras on Sudan is "photographic evidence" with the power to put "pressure on the United Nations Security Council or other countries to intervene.”

Not on Our Watch and celebrities taking part in the group make Sudan more relevant to younger people. The celebrities lend their fame to bringing attention to the crisis in Sudan, thereby increasing the chances of preventing further crimes from happening in the future in the region.

This observation of Sudan, formally known as The Satellite Sentinel Project, seems to almost be foolproof in capturing evidence of the crimes being committed. However, there is a question of the possibility of its effectiveness in persuading the U.S. to act because of past assumptions that the United Nations Security Council seems to have no interest in seriously combatting this particular situation. The Security Council, along with many nations, continue to act as if they are mere bystanders who need not worry about the conflict in Sudan. Morally, however, we are all compelled to act.

As a college student with little money and only the right to vote, Clooney provides me with hope and inspires me. He shows that sometimes an “in-your-face” type of attitude is the only way to get things done, no matter how famous or invisible you are.

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