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17th Annual Screen Actor's Guild Awards 2011: Live-Blog

Piya Sinha-Roy, Frances Vega |
January 30, 2011 | 5:17 p.m. PST

Entertainment Editors

SAG Awards (SAG)
SAG Awards (SAG)
5:02pm - Alec Baldwin and Betty White kick off the evening with some old people banter, as they announce the nominees for Best Male Lead in a TV drama.

5:05pm - Steve Buscemi wins the first award of the night for Best Male Lead in a TV Drama. Boardwalk Empire may take the awards in the TV drama category.

5:10pm - Glee's Cory Montieth joins Eva Longoria on stage to announce nominees for Best Female Lead in a TV drama - bet Julianna Margulies will win this, she's a favourite with the SAGs.

5:12pm - Julianna Margulies wins for Best Female Lead in a TV Drama for the Good Wife. "I love my job so much, I'm so grateful for Robert and Michelle King for giving me the role of a lifetime."

5:18pm - Sofia Verrrrrrgara and Tay Diggs announce the nominees for Best Ensemble Cast for TV Drama. Nominees include The Closer and Boardwalk Empire...my bets on Boardwalk of course.

5:23pm - The cast of Boardwalk Empire head to the stage to accept their award - Buscemi stumbles over his speech, and the drunk chic off the show butts in.

5:25pm - The Director of the SAG decides to give a speech - and tries to be funny. Homage to this year's TV advertisements.

5:29pm - Jason Bateman comes on to announce the nominees for Best Female Supporting Actress in a Film. Where's the funny?!

5:31pm - Melissa Leo wins the award for Best Supporting Actress, beating out Mila Kunis, Hailee Steinfeld, Amy Adams and Helena Bonham Carter. She's certainly dressed for the role. 

5:32pm - A teary acceptance speech - slight hyperventilation. "This has been an extraordinary season for me, I'm so proud to have been part of "The Fighter". Gets political by supporting the SAG union.

5:39pm - Amy Poehler announces nominees - "real, warm, generous, kind of cheesy, heavy on the meat - these are qualities that in my opinion, make a good sandwich. They also perfectly describe the nominees for Outstanding Male Actor in a Comedy Series." Nominees include Alex Baldwin, Glee's Chris Colfer, Modern Family's Ed O'Neill....my money's on Alec.

5.40pm - Alec Baldwin wins the award for his role as Jack Donaghy in NBC's 30 Rock. 

[Piya signing out, Frances taking over]

5:41pm -  Lots of laughing and rambling from Baldwin during his acceptance speech. "All the best lines I have obviously come from Tina and Tina said that when Melissa Leo won for the Fighter she's doing Poehler, she's doing Amy," -followed by more laughs. Maybe he had one too many.

5:43pm - Finally, the funny! Jon Hamm brings a little comedy as he announces the nominees for Outstanding Female Actor in a Comedy Series. Nominees include 30 Rock's Tina Fey, Nurse Jackie's Edie Falco, Glee's Jane Lynch, Modern Family's Sofia Vergara and Betty White!

5:45pm - Betty White wins the award for outstanding female actor in a comedy series. She was getting so many hugs on the way to the stage, it took her almost two minutes to start her speech. "You didn't applaud when I turned 40... i don't know." She's so cute and sparkly. Her jacket must cost tens of thousands of dollars.

5:47 pm- Helena Bonham Carter. Geoffrey Rush, and Colin Firth give the plot synopsis for "the Kings's Speech," the second nominee for outstanding cast in a motion picture.

5:49 pm - Angie Harmon and LL Cool J to present the nominees for outstanding ensemble in a comedy series. Nominees include the cast of 30 Rock, Glee, Hot in Cleveland, Modern Family, and the Office. LL licked his lips more than seven times.

5:53 pm - Modern Family wins for outstanding ensemble in a comedy series. Sophia Vegara's silky blue dress is gorgeous. The acceptance speech was a little on the dull side. Ed O'Neil sounded kind of monotone.

5:59 pm - Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis given the synposis for "Black Swan," the third nominee for outstanding cast in a motion picture. Mila's red dress looks great on her skin tone. Natalie's white dress could have been a tiny bit more form fitting. She may be pregnant, but it was so loose it looked like a fancy trash bag.

6:01 pm - Tim Conway introduces the lifetime achievement awards to Ernest Borgnine. "He recently appeared in Red, which we all know is an AARP action film." A witty introduction from Mr. Conway.

6:04 pm - And now a video montage of Borgnine's nine decades of life. Borgnine worked with Frank Sinatra, Betty Davis, Joan Crawford, and Burt Lancaster.

6:08 pm - Morgan Freeman presents the award to Borgnine. "There's an Italian expression that captures the essence of this celebration.  La vita èt quello ne fai, meaning life is what you make of it."

6:10 pm - The cameraman lost his grip for a second. It was like Cloverfield came to the SAG awards. Borgnine's speech was very heartfelt. "I want to say one last thing about us. There are millions of those in the world who would love to be in our shows. We are a privileged few who have been chosen to work in this field of entertainment. There are members of this group that will be long remembered for their work and that we still enjoy today."

6:19 pm- Robin Wright and Jeremy Renner present the award for outstanding male actor in a TV movie or miniseries. Nominees include John Goodman, Al Pacino, Dennis Quaid, Edgar Ramirez, and Patrick Stewart.

6:19 pm- Al Pacino wins the awad for outstanding male actor in a TV movie or miniseries. He is not there to accept the award.

6:20 pm - Armie Hammer, Justin Timberlake, Jessie Eisenberg, and Andrew Garfield give the synopsis for "the Social Network."

6:22 pm - Rosario Dawson and Josh Duhamel present the award for outstanding female actor in a TV movie or miniseries. Nominees includ Claire Danes, Catherine O'Hara, Julia Ormond. Winona Ryder, and Susan Sarandon. Ryder gave a look of disgust at the clip they showed.

6:24 pm - Claire Danes wins the award for outstanding female actor in a TV mocie or miniseries. Claire seems a little flustered. She is sweaty and out of breath; she must be really excited about the award. Her speech ended with an awkward thank you to her husband, "thank you to my favorite husband, my favorite actor, my favorite man, my Hugh."

6:26 pm - Hillary Swank introduces the tribute for actors who have died. Clips included Jill Clayburgh, Leslie Nielsen, Lynn Redgrave, Robert Culp, Gloria Stuart, Kevin Mccarthy, Anne Francis, Pernell Roberts, Harold Gould, David Nelson, Frances Reid, Gary Coleman and many other actors that passed away this year.

6:35 pm - Susan Sarandon presents the award for outstanding male actor in a supporting role. Nominees include Christian Bale, John Hawkes, Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo, and Geoffrey Rush. I'm guessing Bale will take it.

6:37 pm - Christian Bale won the award for outstanding male actor in a supporting role. Dicky Eklund (the man Bale's character is based on) randomly showed up on stage as Bale was starting his speech. Bale kept it short and sweet.

6:40 pm - Amy Adams and Mark Wahlberg give the plot synopsis for "the Fighter." Walhberg starts the intro with, "are we supposed to give an acceptance speech as well?"  ---The more I look at Amy Adams, the more she reminds me of Nicole Kidman

6:42 pm - Jeff Bridges presents the nominees for outstanding female actor in a leading role. Nominees include Annette Bening, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lawrence, Natalie Portman, and Hillary Swank.

6:44 pm - Natalie Portman wins the award for outstanding female actor in a leading role. Big surprise. Portman used an explative in her acceptance speech, kind of surprising coming from her.

6:52 pm - Nicole Kidman presents the award for outstanding male actor in a leading role. Nominees include Jeff Bridges, Robert Duvall, Jesse Eisenberg, Colin Firth, and James Franco.

6:54 pm - Colin Firth wins the award for outstanding male actor in leading role. Another no brainer. "I'd like to thank security for letting me into the building." He's so humble.

6:56 pm - Donald Sutherland presents the award for outstanding ensemble acting in a feature film. Nominees include "the Kids are Alright," "The King's Speech," "The Social Network," "The Fighter," and "Black Swan."

6:58 pm - "The King's Speech" wins the award for outstanding ensemble acting in a feature film. Geoffrey Rush gives the acceptance speech for the group. "They've asked me to speak because at one point the film was going to be called the king's speech therapist."

7:00 pm - The show ended on time, not common for an awards show.



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