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Video: Danny Briere Lands Hard Cross-Check On Frans Neilsen

Sara Ramsey |
November 1, 2010 | 3:27 p.m. PDT

Staff Writer

Philadelphia Flyers forward Danny Briere has been suspended for three games by the NHL after he cross-checked New York Islanders’ Frans Neilsen.

Briere’s cross-check, which landed Neilsen on the side of the head, occurred in the last minute of the match and instigated the final brawl in a fight-filled game. 

Neilsen was not injured but was the penalty too light for the offense?


The contest was a dirty one and boasted 120 penalty minutes. This final hit was particularly nasty and was obviously intended to cause injury.

Briere also has a record of hard hits, most memorably last year’s run-in with Scott Hannon.

A week on the bench seems more like a vacation during a seven-month NHL season rather than a punishment.

Briere will miss bouts against the Carolina Hurricanes, New York Rangers and a second face-off versus the Islanders (4-5-2) on Saturday.

The Flyers (6-4-1) beat the Islanders 6-1 and are leading the Atlantic Division.

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