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“Meet the Public” At Fashion Los Angeles Event

Tess Goodwin |
November 11, 2010 | 7:12 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Meet The Public pop-up shop in Downtown LA
Meet The Public pop-up shop in Downtown LA
On Tuesday night "Meet the Public," a fashion, art, and design pop-up shop in Downtown Los Angeles had an exclusive private event just for students. One look at a school ID could score freebies and 10% off select items.

The venue looked like it was meant for "Meet the Public," its warehouse style and stark white walls filled with avant-garde art, sculptures, and huge coffee table books.

Created and sponsored by Fashion Los Angeles, featured designers and artists who are based in Los Angeles.

“People really like to hear that we manufacture in LA and we are proud to say it,” said David Jordan, Co-Founder of Seam Ripper.

Seam Ripper is a line of tee-shirts with a twist. With tongue-in-cheek pop art graphics such as a Minnie Mouse skull with a bow, Michael Jackson’s zombie arm that reads “Pop is Dead,” and Lady Gaga’s head with Japanese writing underneath.

Seam Ripper is seemingly unique because it eliminates the side seam on a garment and instead places one or two on the back. Juan Chavez, the designer, knows that women want their t-shirt longer in the back, so he delivers, and Seam Ripper clothes really stood out among the other t-shirts at the event.

Blood-orange soda from Dry Soda Company was served, and although not as many people as were expected showed up, it really gave one a chance to take in the atmosphere and talk to the participants.

The only beauty related vendor was Lily B skincare, a completely natural mid-priced line of facewash, eye cream, serum, and moisturizer. Made with ingredients one could almost eat, such as sea weed, rose hips, and olive oil, Lily B skincare not only looked good, but smelled good as well.

The huge Taschen coffee table books were a crowd favorite. Among the best of the best was The Big Penis Book, which was filled with 384 magnificent pages of men who are very well-endowed, and of course The Big Butt Book . For the less voyeuristic, there was a fabulous fashion book collection called 100 Contemporary Designers and for the person who has it all, there was a beautiful S&M photography book in a suitcase for the mere price of $1000.

Valiant new-comers, Penelope & Coco, were selling their signature oxfords in pink suede and brown faux-alligator and comabat boots with studs down the back. All lined up in a row on some old wood planks, the shoes shined in the spotlight and are a statement addition to any outfit.

The furniture was modern and there were sculptures made of styrofoam. For the fashionista, there was a close-up look at Mila Hermanovski’s finale dress and a sparkly cap sleeve dress made of an extremely thick material that had almost panniers on the sides by Chelsea Rebelle.

"Meet the Public" will be meeting the public, until Sunday November 14, so be sure to stop by 620 S Main St in Downtown Los Angeles so you do not miss this one of a kind experience.

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